It is high time to end the divided America, The purpose of this website is to address all issues with divided-America in mind. The journey began with the 2020 presidential election.

Daphna Barak and Erbil Günaştı released a documentary right before the election. After the election they also co-authored a book. The book is the genesis of the documentary with a twist.  

They reflect the twist with similar words in both titles. One is called: “Trump vs. Hollywood: The Two White Houses.” The other is called: “Struggling for One America: The Two White Houses.” 

Divided-America: Time To End

Long Past

On 12 April 1861, the American Civil War began. It lasted four years. The war ended on 25 May 1865. However, America has remained divided ever since. 750 thousand people died. 

A century after the Civil War, America was an economic and military superpower. In the 2020s, some view this as a glorious accomplishment. They have every right for that.

However, there are an equal number of Americans nowadays that do not want to associate with this glorious past. They believe that the American Civil War did not accomplish much.

In fact, some believe it made everything worse. As a result, the debate today for some goes back to the Civil War. So does the violence to bring down the glorious symbols for the other side. 

A Documentary & A Book

Divided-America: Time To End

Producer Erbil Günaştı and Director Daphna Barak came to the conclusion that the divide is rigid in America. Barak interviewed all 24 Hollywood stars and entertainers, half pro and half anti Trump.

The interviewees talked about the divided America, racism, and the Trump persona. Their civility during filming was admirable. Nevertheless the rift betwen them was rigid.  

So much so, the filmmakers concluded on 4 November 2020, the day after the presidential election, that America was more divided than it was in 2016. In fact, they replaced the name of their documentary.

On 3 November 2020, it was called: “Trump vs. Hollywood.” On 4 November, they changed the name but also published a book, using the same title, where they explained the journey, reflecting their lives.  

Time To Address America and the World 

The divide in America is a serious matter. It affects the divide in the rest of the world. America once had a hegemony. It was a leader. Much of the world cherished America.

Since 1992, the decay in America accelerated. Thirty years later, America and the Western Civilization is basically at the mercy of the rising powers of the East. 

As a result, what is good and not so good in America must be understood and disseminated properly. Both audiences within America and beyond deserve to know the truth. 

Erbil Günaştı & Daphna Barak

They began the journey with a documentary and a book. This site will continue with postings, reflecting life, trials, and tribulations of everyone they will come across, keeping divide in mind.