Lately, we were suggested to give Daphne Barak a new accolade. Now, we refer to her as “News Innovator”. She continues her daily job as a film and television producer, international interviewer, and interviewer. In that realm, she decided to include Robert F Kennedy Jr to her list of exclusive sit-downs. Nowadays, they number more than 400. In this post, under the title of Bobby Kennedy by Daphne Barak (I), I will list a bunch of links.

Bobby Kennedy by Daphne Barak (I)

Basically, so far, Daily Mail and The Sun of London published Bobby Kennedy by Daphne Barak exclusives as their cover stories. Number 1 and 2 dailies of London go a long way. Having published on the cover the same day never happened to any leader running for office in the West. So Bobby already achieved a lot more than his potential opponents in the 2024 presidential race for president of the United States of America.

Daphne also went on GB News of London to talk more about the Bobby Kennedy candidacy. After all, Daphne and I know our royal family a little bit more than most other Americans. We spent a lot of time in a lot of places with a variety of them. We also travelled with them to New Ross, Ireland. For those not familiar, that is the birthplace of the Kennedy clan before they migrated to Boston for their new royal life.

Bobby Kennedy by Daphne Barak

Here are the links.

They are from the Daily Mail, the world’s most read daily and the second biggest The Sun. They are both from London for those who are not familiar with them. Then there are video links from a television broadcast when Daphne made an appearance on the GB News of London.

All London links. Surely, if you were to google, everyone in the world reposted this exclusive of Bobby Kennedy by Daphne Barak. There are two reasons for that. One, Bobby is a Kennedy and he is running for President like his father and uncle did. Unfortunately, they were gunned down.

However, that is not why Bobby is an interesting candidate. Click here to learn the 47 reasons why he would make a great 47th president of the US. They are not totally my opinions. Just read in between lines too. You will find them very informative and credible. You may also decide like us that he is a very viable candidate.