What is Next?

Daphne Barak is a news innovator, film and television producer, and geo-political subject matter expert. Soon, she will also be “Daphne Barak Movie Maker”. Barak optioned her Amy Winehouse intellectual property for a movie series. It included her best selling book “Saving Amy”.

Recently, in 2019, Barak scooped the Mueller Investigation. In 2020, she directed the “Trump vs Hollywood” documentary film. She co-produced it with her partner Erbil Gunasti. In 2021, she conducted exclusive interviews with reclusive Ghislaine Maxwell family members, friends, and associates.

The Paramount Plus documentary series “Ghislaine Partner in Crime” will air in 2022 and include eight Daphne Barak exclusives. It is a project by legendary Susan Zirinsky. Yet, this is only a hint! What is next for Daphne Barak movie maker is soon to be revealed!

Daphne Barak Movie Maker 

International Interviewer

Daphne Barak, as an international interviewer, combined exclusive interviews for both print and TV broadcast for more than two decades. She has achieved tremendous success by conducting interviews and extending her work to worldwide viewers and readers.

Leading print and broadcast outlets in all major media markets presented her a sophisticated and exclusive syndication. Outlets in Australia, New Zealand, Turkey, Pakistan, Russia, China, Saudi Arabia, S. Africa, and many countries in Europe carried her work religiously.

In the US, the prime time news shows of the network televisions did the job. The US weeklies and New York dailies complemented the broadcasts in print.

Rating Breaking Television Shows

Syndicated Worldwide

Some Daphne Barak exclusives broke rating records for the US network televisions. Other worldwide outlets also reported the best ratings ever. The exclusive interviews always had a universal appeal. They involved Hollywood stars and global entertainers, alongside head-of-states and royals.

Jackie Chan, Michael Jackson, and Liza Minneli were among more than three hundred superstars and celebrities. Barak filmed  the “Jackie Showing Hong Kong” documentary on location for the Discovery channel. She also executive produced it. The same applied to “Our Son Michael Jackson” and “Tale of Two Sisters” television shows. There, she was in partnership with Elisabeth Murdoch.

These specials and other exclusives aired prime time on 20/20 ABC, Dateline NBC and 48 Hours CBS in the US. ITV, Ch 5, Living TV, and SKY News aired them regularly in the UK. Channel 9 and 7 did the same in Australia. The outlets in Germany and Italy were RTL 1, RTL 2, Media Set, and SKY TG24.

Globo in Brazil, Star TV in the Far East, Al Arabia in the Arab world, Ch 10 in Israel, GEO TV in Pakistan, RTI in Spain covered respective regions and languages. CNN International also aired some Barak specials. There was also a Dutch outlet, SSB, in the mix.

Daphne Barak Movie Maker

Daphne Barak Movie Maker is also a library owner, an author, and a delegate for the GOP. Currently, she selectively conducts exclusive sit-downs. In other words, she is still the scooper like she has always been.

Library Owner

Daphne Barak controls the “single biggest individually owned library.” According to one Hollywood entertainment industry executive, it can crash a US network television. Library contains more than three hundred exclusively filmed interviews, and is growing.


Daphne Barak also authors books. In 2021, she published her seventh book. In 2022, she expects the release of her eighth and night books. One is pop-culture-political, the other involves pue politics. They both push agendas in the 2022 and 2024 elections.


Since 2015, Daphne Barak became part of election politics. She first managed the mayoral run of her partner Erbil Gunasti in Palm Springs. When Donald J. Trump announced his candidacy for president of the US, she was an early jumper in the bandwagon. She became a committed delegate for his presidency in 2016, and again in 2020.

Daphne Barak Movie Maker

What is Next?

If the past few years is a sign, a lot more of the same will not be a surprise.  Three books and a documentary included Hollywood stars and political celebrities. Now, in 2022 alone, there is a documentary to air in the first half. Two books are in the plan for the second half. They all fit into the Pop-Culture-Political category. For example, upcoming “Saving Amy Legacy” book reflects it well. It makes a case about the Opioids crisis in America. It also includes the original “Saving Amy” book. As a result, it is a mix of pop culture and political agenda.


Books and Documentaries

In 2021, to unravel the Ghislaine Maxwell saga became another epic Daphne Barak scooping. Not until Barak came to the picture, no one one was speaking to cameras among Ghislaine Maxwell family, friends, and associates. Documentary series is available on Paramount Plus from April 2022.

In 2020, Barak directed and co-produced the “Trump vs Hollywood: The Two White Houses” documentary. She filmed interviews with twenty four Hollywood stars and entertainers from opposing spectrums. Barak became the only person they spent time with beside family members during Covid-19 restricted months.

In 2019, Barak conducted secretive interviews with Rick Gates. He was one of the prime suspects of the Mueller Investigation. Nineteen highly paid, partisan, and quite “smart” lawyers were the gatekeepers. Yet, they were not enough to keep the “fox” at bay.

What is Next?

Daphne Barak Movie Maker

More pop-culture-political docs and books in 2023. Maybe another motion picture or two, along the way, as well. Stay tuned!



(This is a September 2020 dated post, now updated on April 2022)