Erdogan & Trump

Erbil Gunasti is a film and television producer and a geo-political subject matter expert. He ran for mayor in Palm Springs in 2015. Same year Donald J. Trump announced his candidacy for President. Gunasti became his committed delegate in 2016, and also in 2020. Gunasti previously worked for eight prime ministers of Turkey as a press officer. Now president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan was the last Turkish prime minister he served. In 2020, Gunasti published his first book on two sitting presidents, Erdogan and Trump. Both publicly endorsed it. As a result, Erbil Gunasti GameChanger Author became his calling card.

GameChanger Author

Erbil Gunasti authored “GameChanger Trump Card: Turkey & Erdogan” in 2019.

The book focuses on Turkey & Erdogan and explains the US foreign policy objectives mainly in relation to the Middle East. The premise of the book argues that the demographic changes in the twenty-first century would be devastating to the future of the Western Civilization. GameChanger Author concludes: Unless Erdogan & Trump collaborates, the US is not going to remain an economic superpower much longer.

GameChanger has two editions in publication. The Post Hill Press published the US Edition. Simone & Shcuster distributes it. The New Holland Publishers published the Australian Edition. Hannah and Kopernik translated the book to Japanese and Turkish, respectively. They are not released yet. Publishers refrained so far because of the incoming Joe Biden Administration.

Two Books in 2022

Erbil Gunasti GameChanger Author has number of other books in the pipeline. In 2022, he plans to publish two more books. One of them will be a pop-culture-political book on Amy Winehouse. No date or publisher are set for either one of them at this moment.

Erbil Gunasti GameChanger Author

Producer of Documentaries and Films  

Erbil Gunasti GameChanger Author also produces documentaries and films.He collaborates with Daphne Barak. These documentaries are based on Daphne Barak exclusive sit-downs. Barak conducts them with Hollywood stars and entertainers of the world, heads of state, and royals. They released their latest work in 2022.

Much like in documentaries, Gunasti and Barak only consider making movies, based on their own books. So far, they have written eight books, four of them as co-authors. Currently, there are four more at work. One authored by Gunasti and the other three co-authored.

Meanwhile, their first book, penned by Barak, is already optioned for a movie series in Hollywood.

Latest Documentary and First Film

  • Ghislaine Partner in Crime” documentary series is the latest released work. It begins airing on CBS / Paramount Plus in April 2022. After that, it will also air on ITV. Fremantle distributes it worldwide.
  • In 2020, Gunasti produced the “Trump vs Hollywood: The Two White Houses” documentary. Daphne Barak conducted twenty four interviews with Hollywood stars and entertainers. she also directed the one hour long video. Currently, it is available on Vimeo.
  • In 2016, Gunasti and Barak released “ICONS in their own words” documentary series. They executive produced four one hour documentaries based on Daphne Barak interviews with iconic figures.
    • “The Kid From Detroit” includes Kid Rock, Mitt Romney, Sheryl Crow.
    • “Citizen Shimon” is a narration by Shimon Peres. He is talking about how Israel came to being. Reobert Deniro, Kathleen Turner, and Henry Kissinger are also part of it.
    • “Maestro at Home” is about Andrea Bocelli. His wife Veronica and his son are also part of it, alongside Quincy Jones and Lionel Richie.
    • The last one is called: “America’s Son: JFK Jr.” It includes images of Kennedy family members, mainly filmed during a trip to Ireland.
  • Gunasti GameChanger Author assumed a role as an Associate Producer  in the Amy Winehouse movie. It will be based on Daphne Barak intellectual property which also includes the “Saving Amy” book.