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lWe began this journey in 2015. When one of us ran for Mayor in Palm Springs. In 2016, both of us were pre-committed Trump delegates. One of us was always a Democrat while the other Republican.

In other words, when we first ever indulged in active politics, we thought we should be “Fighting 4 One America”. After the November 3rd, 2020 presidential election, we realized we should be “Struggling For One America”.

So we published our book with that title, however we added an additional clause. Much like we did to our documentary that was called “Trump vs Hollywood” when we produced before November 3rd.

On November 4th, 2020, when the election did not produce a winner, we called the same documentary the “Trump vs Hollywood: The Two White Houses.” Like we called our eighth book: “Struggling For One America: The Two White Houses”.

Our goal all along was to establish dialogue so that DIVIDED AMERICA can become ONE AMERICA again. For that reason, we had begun the task to bring together 24 famous Hollywood stars and entertainers half pro-Trump and half against.

See the trailer and the book to learn what they said! Yet, we are not only a documentary and a book. Here we display mainly information about more than 350 original content based on Daphne Barak Library on multiple platforms from movies to NFTs.

In 2023, we also showed by doing what we were saying all along since 2015. When we noticed that the Democratic Party was in disarray and a potentially viable candidate jumped into the fray, we supported him immediately so that he could have a fair fight.

Consequently, we created “Fighting 4 One America Pac” and began promoting Robert F. Kennedy Jr. until the primary season. When RFK “declared independence” from the Democratic Party, our task was practically completed.

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