Cheryl Hines is married to Bobby Kennedy. If Bobby were to become the 47th president of the US, she will be the First Lady. So Cheryl Hines by Daphne Barak sit-down is important first look to a potential US presidency. Daphne having already conducted a sit-down with Bobby, it was only natural for Daphne to conduct one with Cheryl as well.

Bobby Kennedy by Daphne Barak (I)

From my perspective, I liked both Bobby and Cheryl when I met them in person. I believe Bobby would make a good president. At the least, he will be the next US president with all his “faculties” in place. Cheryl will equally be formidable in her post. Together, they will make White House relevant, dignified, and likeable again.

Cheryl Hines by Daphne Barak

Daphne conducted the interview with Cheryl at their home. Same outlets, Daily Mail and The Sun of London, published it as their cover story in the same day. London outlets also received footage from the interview to air when Cheryl made an appeal to Joe Biden, telling him to provide secret service protection to Bobby.

In that respect, the interview with Cheryl Hines was not about her Hollywood carreer. It was not much about her prospective First Lady role.  Rather, it was a frank conversation about what an incumbent president must do but not doing. Cheryl also told Daphne when she first heard from Bobby his decision to run for president.

What else did these two blondes talk about? For that, you have to visit the links. I liked Cheryl’s interview as much as I liked Bobby’s interview however for different reasons. I think we, as Americans are fortunate to have this couple run for president at this time when America is so divided. They make a great couple with all their life experience and wisdom.

Plus, they are both pleasant to be with.