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Daphne Barak, filmmaker, “Trump v Hollywood”  Interviews from both sides of the political aisle, today includes Money B, Shemane Nugent and Sam Sorbo, among the many who appear in the documentary.

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Here is an article, involving Money B and his father Bobby McCall. A day in a life for some of the Black celebs in the Trump vs Hollywood documentary! Too Short is another one of the 24 interviewees in the doc who also talked about similar police arrests. Unless it is reported like this here, maybe it is a very common routine across America when a shot is fired but not for Money B and Too Short. Such environments are too close for comfort for them. Money B and Too Short may go out and get arrested and released on any given night. Nobody to blame but it is a way of life in America. Too Short in the doc explains it a little bit more in detail and with a little quirky smile on his face. Here is the doc!