Winehouse by Halcyon

Halcyon Studios optioned Daphne Barak’s “Saving Amy” to make a movie. It is based on “The Diary of My Time with Amy Winehouse” article by Daphne that was published in the Sunday Times of the UK. Eversince the article sarcastically coined “Saving Amy,” questions remained in the minds of her fans. The Winehouse movie by Halcyon studios will answer some of these puzzling questions.

The movie will also be based on some never before revealed content of Amy Winehouse and her family members. The content is amassed by Dahne in the company of her partner Bill (Erbil) Gunasti three years before Amy’s passing. As a result, it will come as an original content built upon what two pros observed and documented.

Saving Amy by Daphne Barak

The Sunday Times published the Daphne Barak article in 2009. New Holland Publishers published the book in 2010. As a result, Daphne Barak original content achieved global prominence. Amy passed in 2011, making Daphne Barak’s original content even more precious to cherish.

Daphne Barak and Erbil Gunasti spent six months with Amy and her parents in London and St. Lucia. They filmed more than forty hours long sit-down interviews. Consequently, they accumulated extensive data about the superstar. Plus, Daphne encountered Amy 23 separate times. Some of these were one on one, behind a locked-away door to avoid “intrusion.” Hence, Amy was able to share some intimate details with Daphne.

This original Amy Winehouse content is not an exception to the Daphne Barak Library (DBL). The DBL has more than three hundred fifty similar intellectual property, each has to do with another icon like Amy. They all followed a form of acquisition, long established by the US network television prime time news shows. As a result, they are also ready to be developed into films, books, and NFTs.

Noise on Winehouse Movie By Halcyon

Halcyon Studios is a Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment, Inc. (Nasdaq: CSSE) company. It is also a creator of high-end premium scripted television content. The company issued a press release on August 30, 2021, in Los Angeles, California to announce the movie.

Winehouse movie by Halcyon means optioning Daphne Barak intellectual rights to do justice for Amy. CEO of Halcyon Studios, David Ellender, “Although her career was cut far too short, Amy was the voice of a generation and we look forward to telling her story in the most poignant way possible.”

“I have met great film producers after Amy died. At the time, I felt it was too soon. I now feel that I am ready to tell the story which will touch many. David Ellender is the responsible person to lead such a project, ” added Daphne.

The rest is noise. Some is informative and necessary evil to get the word out about the movie. Hence, they are tolerable and at times entertaining so long as they do not go overboard. Now everyone knows that there is an Amy Winehouse movie in the works and that is what matters.

Media: Winehouse Movie By Halycon

Two types of media cover the Winehouse movie by Halcyon. One set includes posts, articles, or braodcasts. The others are interviews by Daphne Barak and Erbil Gunasti. Plus, there is indirect news generated via “Saving Amy Legacy Series NFTs” dropped by DEP Holdings. They are created by Erbil Gunasti and Daphne Barak. Considering they began with these drops in the tenth anniversary of Amy’s passing, narrative is different than what Daphne penned in the “Saving Amy.”

The Amy Winehouse movie by Halcyon Studios is sure to reflect on all of them: What was released by Barak in 2010, what is being released now in 2020, and what the writers will pick up from the rest of forty hours footage. Then there may be even more if Daphne and Erbil were to indulge further in person. After all, they would like to ensure that this will be a movie about Amy Winehouse and her parents Mitch and Janice. Plus, of course, the state of mind of Amy Winehouse when Daphne and Erbil met her.