Saving Amy

An Original Content

Could there be a Saving Amy Movie Option on the tenth anniversary of her passing?

“Saving Amy” is an original content. It started as a “diary of time spent with Amy Winehouse.” It was published as the major story of the week in one of the leading London papers in 2009. Then, it made headlines around the world while the article was also syndicated in select markets in Europe, Middle East, and Australia. “Saving Amy” was the theme of the article. Rightly, it culminated into a book called “Saving Amy” as well.

When the book was published in 2010, there was immediate interest from the major movie studios in Hollywood. Author did not believe it was time for a dramatic motion picture then. Amy was alive and fragile. There was no reason to bring down on Amy any more than what the book had already revealed. The emotional effect of a movie was going to be unbearable for her.

Hence, the original content remained in the bookstores. Soon it was available online all over the world. Over the years, the book spread the genesis of truth on Amy Winehouse. Large volumes of people became familiar with “Saving Amy.”¬† Everyone learned of her despair. Unfortunately, they also witnessed her rapid demise and passing in the hands of everyone claiming to have been “Saving Amy.”

The original content in the book was based on forty hour filming with Amy Winehouse and her parents. What was revealed though was only ten percent that the author decided to divulge then. Yet, it was enough to make its mark. The book played a big role among music, media and movie industry elite. Some cleared their conscience after reading the book and learning about the truth.

Saving Amy Movie Option

The Saving Amy movie option is in the works. Rather, it is a done deal. It is to be promptly announced around the tenth anniversary of her passing.

There are two guarantees for that. One, the original content owner finally decided  to make the movie on this anniversary. Two, a Hollywood studio was able to convince the original content owner to agree to a deal.

Now then, it is time to hear the official announcement. Considering Amy Winehouse passed on 23 July 2011, there is no better time than now.