As revealed in The Sun: Britney Spears family members decided to break their silence. Daphne Barak conducted the interviews as usual.

She also produced it, also as usual, together with Erbil Gunasti. The documentary will be on broadcast worldwide very soon, possibly in two weeks. .

Kevin Federline

GROWING up in the shadow of a superstar parent is never easy – but for Britney Spears’ two sons the darkness casts a little further than most.

Their father Kevin Federline has tried to carve out a normal life for the teenage boys amid the backdrop of a family tearing itself apart with lawsuits and ­bitter words on social media.

In The Sun: Britney Spears’ two sons have refused to see her for MONTHS amid nude Instagram posts, says ex Kevin Federline.

Briefly, Britney Spears

In June, Britney, 40, married her partner Sam Asghari, 28. She bought a sprawling £10million mansion. It is a stone’s throw from the Federline ­family home in Los Angeles.

Her glitzy wedding to the model and personal trainer was attended by celebrities including Madonna and Paris Hilton. The majority of the Spears clan did not receive an invite.

Preston and Jayden were on the guest list. They decided not to go after they halted contact with Britney ­several months ago.

Kevin said: “They were happy for her but as they’re not seeing her right now. They made the decision not to go to her wedding.”

The decision to halt contact was made by the boys. After they became increasingly uncomfortable with what they were witnessing during their ­visits. But Kevin will not elaborate.

The Sun

Like Daily Mail, The Sun also published Daphne Barak exclusive at the same time as the lead story of the week.