America: Time To Wake Up

Struggling for One America in bookstores since July 2021 and reportedly doing well from the first day on.

“It is time for America to wake up” according to Erbil Gunasti, the co-author. The other author of the newly released book is globetrotting international interviewer Daphne Barak. They talk about scapegoats and culprits but also focus on two Americas. While pointing at fears and anxieties by some. They also refer to two prominent Hollywood figures who say that the show must go on.

Authors do not forget cancel culture and no-no rhetoric. At the end, they drive the point home by “Coming Home” with Donald Trump and Joe Biden. Barak tells the story how Trump extended a hand and reached out to the black rappers. The other is a question. “Why was Joe Biden elected as the 46th president of the United States of America?”

About the Authors: Struggling for One America

What about the authors?

They author books but also make documentary films. Lately, they also decided to venture into dramatic motion picture. It will be their first as Executive Producers.

One of these authors focuses on the pop culture. The other specializes on the US foreign policy objectives. Both have been Trump delegates in 2016 and 2020, loyal to the end.

Last year, each wrote a book. This year they wrote this book together. Next year they are adamant to publish yet another book together and it is already in the works.

On the other hand, no one can guarantee there will not be two books. In the meantime, they already mentioned in their close circle that they are in pre-development for a second motion picture.

That will also be based one of their books because they prefer to work on their own original content.

As for now, it is good to cherish the “Struggling for One America.” It is newly published (July 2021) and available on Barnes and Noble and Walmart bookstores and online platforms.

Daphne Barak

Barak, according to a Hollywood industry elite, is the owner of a “single biggest filmed library of interviews that can crash a US network television.”

Erbil Gunasti

Gunasti did not have any comment about his attire, smile and whereabouts in this photo, used as his portrait on the cover.

Struggling for One America: Eight Book by the Authors

“Struggling for One America” is the eight book by these authors. It is the seventh by Daphne Barak and fourth by Erbil Gunasti. The first book for these authors was “Saving Amy,” authored by Barak. Barak and Gunasti spent six months with Amy Winehouse and her family members. The book is the byproduct of the Saving Amy article, published in the Sunday Times of London in 2009.

Barak’s last book was “To Plea or Not To Plea.” It consisted of filmed interviews with Rick Gates. For that, Barak simply scooped the content under the nose of the nineteen well paid lawyers of Robert Mueller’s team.  They were investigating Rick Gates as the prime witness against President Trump.

Gunasti’s book last year was “GameChanger Trump Card: Turkey & Erdogan.” There, Gunasti simply argues that the US must cooperate with its longtime ally Turkey. If it does not, it will not be able to sustain its sole superpower status much longer. Gunasti represented Office of the Prime Minister of Turkey based at the United Nations, as a press office, for fifteen years. He served eight prime ministers.

Now in Bookstores and Online Everywhere

“Struggling for One America in bookstores” and includes voluminous comments from 24 Hollywood stars and entertainers. It is, in fact, the genesis of the “Trump vs Hollywood”  documentary in 2020. Barak directed and conducted the interviews. Gunasti produced it.

They renamed the documentary with the “Trump versus Hollywood: Two White Houses” on November 4th. The election result proved that there was no longer consensus in America.

This book in the beginning puts the divide into perspective with a reference to the Civil War in America. Between 1861 and 1865 seven hundred fifty thousand (750,000) Americans perished.

In that respect, authors believe that they performed their civic duty as the citizens of this great Republic. They involved in active politics in a highly toxic environment by becoming unwavering delegates for one of the two candidates for president.

Struggling for One America