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Not A Cucumber Season For Us

In northern Europe, summers are called “Cucumber Season.” It means not much work and it is time to go to country houses or spend time on the beaches. It is a culture so to speak that does not apply to those that come from the Mediterranean. There, no one has anything against cucumbers. In fact, I personally love them year-round as part of my “cacik”, “tzatziki” in Greek. Hence, there has never been a Cucumber Season for me. As for 2021, it is definitely not a Cucumber Season for us, Daphne and I. Considering not even Covid-19 debilitated 2020 was anything close because both of us worked hard and created our own luck.


Not a Cucumber Season For Us

Our next, co-Authored book will be released in the US, possibly in July. More than three dozen friends and associates are prominently mentioned in the book. Most are from the media and the entertainment business in Hollywood. Those, who had a peak at the lone advance copy, found it exciting. Some, who were informed otherwise, told us that they cannot wait to get their copy.

This book is not the whole story for this summer. We will soon reveal more, God-willing. For us, this summer, it will be busy again like it was last year. For those that did not get the message from the Covid-19 nightmare, maybe it is now time for “Change Culture.”

Cancel Culture and No No Rhetoric

Only because, “Cancel Culture” was not helpful for America. For example, America lagged already behind since the recent presidential election. China grew 15 percent in the first quarter of 2021 when America showed no growth. Together with “No No Rhetoric” here we are, it is for everyone to judge. The numbers do not lie, there was 3 percent growth until then the past four years. Hard work somehow pays off.


Was Not a Cucumber Season for Us Either

Daphne, as the director and I, as the producer, filmed and delivered the documentary “Trump vs Hollywood” two weeks before the November 3rd presidential election. On November 4th, we revised it with a footnote and called it: Trump vs Hollywood: The Two White Houses. In other words, we were at work during the “Cucumber Season”  as well and possibly produced a classic. Of course, time would tell, yet we are hopeful.

After all, 2020 will be etched into the minds of humanity on Planet Earth like never before. What other production can claim what was accomplished with this documentary when Hollywood was incarcerated? All the while, we filmed more than two dozen interviews in five states and ten cities across America. According to one very senior US network television executive, “only Daphne can do.”

Hollywood, California and Globalists

It is good to give the due credit where it belongs, but fingers must also be put on the problem. Hollywood and California were asleep with the Globalists at the helm not only during Covid-19 incarcerated months but for the past two decades as well. America was basically in oblivion in the Globalist reigned twenty-four years from 1992 to 2016. So it is not fair to put all the blame on one industry or state in the union.

Nonetheless, Hollywood is a good example to put it into perspective to understand the state America finds itself now in 2021. America is not going anywhere when the rest of the rising East is growing “fast and furious.”

Talking Turkey

Not A Cucumber Season for Some Others

For example, in the Republic of Turkey, there has been no “Cucumber Season” since 2002. The country grows between five to ten percent ever since the Millennia. It has already become one of the fastest-growing Eastern powers, at times only second to China. I was born in Turkey so I follow the progress. I wrote “GameChanger Trump Card: Turkey & Erdogan” just to inform my fellow citizens in America.

My partner Daphne Barak comes from Israel. She is no different when it comes to the Cucumber Season. She is conscious of it because we are part of the media and entertainment industry in the West. Yet, that did not prevent her writing “To Plea or Not To Plea” in 2020 when Robert Mueller was investigating Rick Gates or for that matter completed the “Trump vs Hollywood” documentary, all the same.

What could be more than a book in 2021 for us?
We cannot reveal “THEM” yet, but here is a peak at least, from the cover of the book, about us, the co-authors, soon to be announced.
Not a Cucumber Season For Us