Thriller Series NFTs

Michael Jackson Thriller NFTs

The series of Michael Jackson Thriller NFTs consists of six drops. The narrative in this series, developed by Daphne Barak, is important to note. It puts the adult and most accomplished life of the superstar into a perspective. It does not delve into the dysfunctional family relationships. Broadly, it puts his life into chronological order, beginning with the Thriller album itself.

Like it was in the Saving Amy Legacy Series (SALS), Michael Jackson NFTs are set to tell a story: It has to do between David and Goliath. Yet, one has to visit the individual NFTs to really understand who is who and how many of them are there. Michael had demons and there was evil that was after Michael. These NFTs are not to judge them, rather to identify what they are.

Like in the SALS, this series too is a saga. The drops are meant to reflect how many trials and tribulations can one go in a lifetime. How many of them are one’s own doing is another question. Yet, there are other pertinent questions that come out of these NFTs. For example, it is the fact that we live in America which is the headquarters of Capitalism. This is where the “Survival of the Fittest” concept has long been cherished to achieve great things in life and for humanity.

Purpose: Michael Jackson Thriller NFTs

Like the title indicates, it has a double purpose. One is for everyone to make money. Two is to assign value to something or someone that deserves it. NFTs are instruments of a newly discovered sector of the economy. It is mainly pioneered in America. Yet, NFTs also serve as a platform to disseminate information, in concise and extended formats.

A Non-Fungible Token (NFT) is a unit of data stored on a digital ledger, called a blockchain, that certifies a digital asset to be unique and therefore not interchangeable. NFTs can be used to represent items such as photos, videos, audio, and other types of digital files. Access to any copy of the original file, however, is not restricted to the buyer of the NFT.

Based on the apparent value and role of NFT, Daphne Barak and I (Erbil Gunasti) agreed to drop them and we formed DEP Holdings, LLC with a partner. We agreed to deliver NFTs in a series of six only because “we can.” We combined the power of the Daphne Barak Library and a well defined NFT platform, established by our partner. The Michael Jackson Thriller series is only the second one in line dropped on this platform.

Significance: Michael Jackson Thriller NFTS

Michael died in the hands of a doctor, according to some. Others may not agree with this conclusion and they may very well be right too. Nonetheless, in these United States of America, the case is closed whether one believes justice is served or not to that end. Michael Jacson Series NFTs do not delve on that justice. Rather, they are there to do justice by putting in order what was important to the superstar with some new facts.

Daphne Barak Library Makes the Difference

A lot is in the public domain about Michael Jackson (MJ). Yes but could there be one person in life that knows little bit more than anyone else about Michael. If the answer is “yes,” then that is Daphne Barak. Why? First of all, she has been the one of a kind “scooper” for the US network television prime time shows ABC 20/20, NBC Dateline, and CBS 48 Hours. How? For example, by delivering MJ scoops to each one of them when they mattered, like no one else could.

“… The host and executive producer of the special, ‘Our Son Michael Jackson’ (with Elisabeth Murdoch) is Daphne Barak. She interviewed the parents of Michael Jackson within 48 hours of his indictment… That’s an extraordinary television show!” according to CNN, then summarized the point of fact with this quote. One billion people watched this particular television show in 53 countries, when Planet Earth only had five billion people then!

No need to mess around with other details. Simply put, Michael Jackson is part of the Daphne Barak Library of more than three hundred fifty original content. Yet, he is also the only one of them with massive eighty hours long of footage. Daphne first met MJ in the 1990s when he was the King in Neverland. She was on his case like no other, the day he passed as well. That is a story for another time. In summary, there is nothing to discuss in regard to what additional info Daphne to put out here with these NFTs: It is one of a kind and eternal.

DEP Holdings: The “Triology” of Whitney, Michael and Amy

DEP Holdings drops about five thousand four hundred NFT tokens as part of each series in the “Triology.” In other words, there are only about nine hundred of them for each NFT drop and there ares six in each series. As these tokens are sold, they increase in value. When all nine hundred are gone, their value are expected to increase even more because market forces take over the ropes from there on.

How? That is what “BlockChain” is all about! It is created to give infinite longevity to living things even after they pass. In other words, these super talented musicians are “tokenized” with this technology so that they will be cherished forever as collectibles with memories intact. They will be attached to these tokens (NFTs), as rendered art, with story lines in PDF or audios in MP3 or videos and so on.

Simply put, DEP Holdings is in the business of bringing original content from Daphne Barak Library for the world to enjoy via NFTs. To put it another way, through this venture, few hundred people will acquire a piece of art, history, memorobilia, collectible. All the while, they will also mint their own name to these tokens.

In other words, DEP Holdings tokenized NFTs will be eterenilizing the talented icons together with those that want to be eternilized with their iconic idols, for example.