Saving Amy Legacy

Saving Amy Legacy Series now available at Non Fungible Tokens (NFT) market place. A series of six drops in successive weeks is the plan. The first, adoringly named “Mona Lisa Amy,” was already dropped on 23 July. Amy Winehouse, with a demure look, is portrayed like an Italian beauty. Artist rendition is from the first ever encounter. It took place in 2008. Erbil visited Amy at the hospital where she was “incarcerated.”

Six month later, Daphne began to pen the now globally famous “Saving Amy” book. She based it on her own headlines making diary after a weeklong get together with Amy in St. Lucia. Now, a decade later, Daphne and Erbil embark on a, yet another, venture to keep the legacy of Amy alive. They are planning to employ multiple platforms to instil her gift in the hearts and minds of new and old fans.

NFTs are the first steps in this “adventure.” Soon to be announced the platform will take her legacy to a totally different direction. Amy will find her place among the superstar legends of the music world, like never before. After all, she achieved the highest accolades in the very competitive field during her heydays. Her time has come to assume a role at the highest plateau she deserves.

Yet, that will not be her last say before she fades away into eternity. The legacy of Amy Winehouse only began to come out with the “Saving Amy.” Like Daphne was quoted to have said it then, Amy was alive and fragile, and she could not have handled the whole truth. Now, it is time to tell it in two steps. These NFTs are the guiding lights that would be cherished forever when the momentous occasions soon unraveled.

Saving Amy Legacy Series: The Story for the Annals of History

Daphne Barak and Erbil Gunasti are determined to share the FIRST & REAL story of Amy Winehouse. The work in 2009 was only the beginning. It began with the “Diary of my time with Amy Winehouse.” One of the biggest papers of London, the Sunday Times, made headlines with the Daphne Barak story. It reverberated in a dozen major media markets around the world. Soon Amy had doubled her name recognition.

The diary and the book, culminated in the minds of millions as “Saving Amy.” It revealed something dysfunctional. No one could have denied from then on that the fate of Amy was in the hands of her family, friends and handlers. Amy died little more than two years after the encounter with Daphne. “Saving Amy” was no longer possible, in fact like Daphne revealed it, it was an excuse all along for everyone with guilt or not.

A decade after her passing, “Saving Amy” is set to become “Saving Amy Legacy.” NFTs in these series will shed a light on her legacy. In six steps, the story will be told. After that, the world will wait to see what happened to Amy Winehouse when she was alive. More importantly, the real truth will also sink in how she faded away. NFTs will be cherished for marking the milestones forever.

“Mona Lisa” Amy: First Drop¬†

The artist’s rendition of Amy comes from the moment when Amy locked eyes with Erbil at the hospital. Amy told Erbil a lot then without saying much of anything. After that, she poured her heart to Daphne in St Lucia. That is how “Saving Amy” diary and book came out.

Now, on her tenth anniversary, Daphne and Erbil decided that it is time to bring out the “Saving Amy Legacy.” They decided on this “Mona Lisa” depiction because that is how they would like to remember her. Moreover, they believe that a sedate, unassertive, and solemn Amy can deliver the message to millions “struggling” with opioids.

If you are into NFTs, visit where Amy will be in a series of drops. Here is the caveat though, Amy will not be the only series from Daphne and Erbil. Opioids will not be the main point either. Nonetheless, two more superstars to come next will share a lot with Amy.

DEP Holdings: The Saving Amy Legacy Series

DEP Holdings, LLC procured Amy Winehouse intellectual property alongside untold number of other celebs from Daphne Barak Library. In the first batch, DEP plans to drop eighteen NFTs, each a series, involving a music superstar.

Daphne Barak Library contains more than three hundred fifty original content. They are Hollywood stars and entertainers across the world, but also heads of state and royals. Considering one NFT will be dropped per week, there are lots of FIRST & REAL stories to come out soon about the world’s most famous.

Saving Amy Legacy Serie