Ghislaine’s Saga

Ghislaine's Saga: American Disgrace

Ghislaine’s Saga is an American Disgrace. Nothing justifies detaining anyone for five hundred days without conviction. The Metropolitan Detention Center (MDC) in New York is the federal institution that is taking all the heat with this case.

California, another liberal state, does not fare any better when it comes to the untold number of detainees. Hence, that means, something is wrong in America. Considering, it is a widespread problem already across the continent.

What do these two leading liberal states have in common? They have trifecta control of state governments by Globalists. How long? Nearly three decades! Thus, it is easy to conclude that American disgrace is already a Globalism exacerbated endemic problem.

In other words, American disgrace, at this stage, can be considered a Globalist shame. Hence, there still has to be a hope for the rest of America to save itself from this dreadful legacy.

Mail on Sunday Expose by Daphne Barak

What would it take before these vices and circumstances start causing damage to the foundation of this great Republic?

  • One, “BS” must stop.
  • Two, “BS narration” must be replaced.

The Mail on Sunday Expose by Daphne Barak (MoS Expose) is the first step to correct the big wrong, rather the “Evil”.

The MoS Expose must be the new beginning of a counter narration against all the “BS nonsense” already out in the public domain.

Short of that, nothing would stop the Ghislaine’s Saga becoming truly an American Disgrace in epic proportions.

Ghislaine’s Saga: American Disgrace

Merriam Webster defines “saga” as a dramatic and often complicated story or series of events. Ghislaine’s Saga is also tragic and nauseating. It is the Bermuda Triangle of power, celebrity, and money.

As a result, at this stage, Ghislaine’s Saga is nothing but a mockery of justice in America. So much so that, now, the US Justice is in peril to become yet another smouldering pillar for the superpower to stand on.

Morality, military, economy, and free press in America were the previous pillars that fell victim. Globalism has finished them off, one at a time, since 1992. Each time a novice US president was used for the job.

Clinton took care of morality. Bush (43) did it to the military. Obama’s job was the economy. Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton debacle aimed at the “Free Press”. Nowadays, there is no trace of it, as a result.

Apparently, Globalism decided to go after the US Justice with Ghislaine’s Saga. Since it is dramatic and complicated enough, it had the potential to become the lynchpin, with a “wrinkle.”

Presumption of Innocence

All Globalism had to do to achieve its evil aim was to put the “Presumption of Innocence” clause into fray. Why not to take Ghislaine’s Saga and turn it into a saga within a saga inside the MDC?

The notorious detention center and detainee Ghislaine together would be nothing but a perfect storm. How could it not be big enough not to sink the US Justice in one swoop?

As to how to go about it, here is a scenario:

  • First, federal authorities stage a public display with two dozen fully armed agents in New England.
  • Then, the judiciary denies bail repeatedly and ensures the detainee stays behind bars for almost two years.
  • Meanwhile, notorious and anonymous elements within the MDC “assault” and “abuse” the detainee, and even threaten to cut off lawyer visits.
  • All the while the detainee would be kept in isolation in about 4 feet to 6 feet living space.
  • No privacy during loo or showers, or laughing if the guard du jour does not like it.
  • No access to family members, lawyers may be allowed once a week.

For the other vices and ingenious, and incredulous inhumanity, please read Mail on Sunday Expose by Daphne Barak! It is too distressing to rewrite everything. On that note, regarding the potential fallouts of Ghislaine’s Saga, no lover of this great republic could be part of this intrigue.

Potential Fallouts of Ghislaine’s Saga

Ghislaine’s Saga is unique because it has celebrity power. There are heads of state, royals, and wealthiest of the world, involved knee deep. As a result, no one can guess what the potential fallouts may be in the future. Yet, one thing is for sure.

Ghislaine’s Saga can easily become a debilitating milestone for the 1776 Republic if it is not handled promptly during court proceedings. On one hand, internationalization of the Ghislaine’s Saga may begin.

On the other hand, massive numbers of detainees may start losing their last hope from America. Either will have short and long term consequences.

Internationalization of Ghislaine’s Saga: American Disgrace

No one who loves America would want the Ghislaine’s Saga to be internationalized. That will make American Disgrace permanent in the eyes of the global public opinion. Condemnation of the sole superpower of the world in international forums will become a fait accompli.

Unfortunately, on the eve of Ghislaine’s court proceedings in New York, America is on the verge of indictment internationally. The nature of Ghislaine’s Saga and then yet another “saga” in the MDC in New York for five hundred days will have consequences.

Ironically, they may come via none other than yet another Globalist international organization called United Nations Human Rights Council. Globalists in power in America that are supposed to make the most of this Globalist organzation may soon withness how America is hunted by the very organization, instead!

United Nations Human Rights Council

US ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley, on Wednesday, 20 June, 2018, explained the withdrawal from UNHRC. She said that the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) consists of “the world’s most inhumane regimes.”

The UNHRC was established by the UN General Assembly on 15 March 2006. Its stated purpose is to protect and promote human rights across the world. The council investigates human rights breaches.

Since its inception in 2006, the Council has condemned Israel in 78 different resolutions. It is more than all of the other countries combined. The Trump administration viewed the case against Israel enough to denounce the organization. Others disagreed.

AP reported that “the council would now be left without one of its ‘traditional defenders’ of human rights.” Maybe there was more to Trump’s decision on the council or it was about time anyway for America to withdraw.

All the while, since the early 1990s, Human Right abuses were, reportedly, becoming widespread across America. New York and California, two wealthiest, most populous, and fortresses of liberalism and Globalism were becoming more “autocratic.”

Human Rights Abuses in America

As per the track records of District Attorneys, for example, it is easy to dissect the detainee problem. In California, the convicted prison population reached its peak in 2006. 163,000 US citizens were behind bars in the Golden state.

In a three year span, reportedly, “74,000 immigrant detainees have been held in California alone. Immigrants spent more than 50 days  confined on average. One stayed in a facility for more than four years.” Seems to be forgotten in the system, perhaps?

“Lengthy stays in cells. A lack of access to doctors, counselors and legal aid. Few bilingual staffers who can explain rules or services. Limited opportunities to call or see friends and family.” Is it a coincidence that they are all similar points raised in the MoS Expose on Ghislaine?

UNHCR In Brief

The UNHCR details detention guidelines in two parts.

Part I of the rules covers the general management of institutions. These rules are applicable to all categories of prisoners, criminal or civil, untried or convicted, including prisoners subject to “security measures” or corrective measures ordered by the judge ( Standard Minimum Rules for the Treatment of Prisoners 1955, Part I).

Part II of the Standard Minimum Rule. They encompass rules that are applicable to special categories of detainees. Like for example, “in countries where the law permits imprisonment by the order of court, persons so imprisoned shall not be subjected to any greater restriction or severity than is necessary to ensure safe custody and good order” ( Standard Minimum Rules for the Treatment of Prisoners 1955, Part II)

America Teetering on the Brink

Ghislaine’s day in court is expected to come to a verdict by around February 2022. Ghislaine’s Saga and American Disgrace will not end by then though. In the meantime, Ghislaine Maxwell Saga Series NFTs will ensure that this saga is well understood by everyone. Someone has to put a stop to all the damage “BS” has done so far to the 1776 Republic.

Ghislaine’s Saga: American Disgrace

Ghislaine’s Saga does not have to be American Disgrace. When and if truth comes out, many wrongly detained or for that matter incarcerated US citizens can get a respite, and even freedom. Simply because Ghislaine’s Saga may become big enough force to enforce a change for a larger good.

Ghislaine Maxwell Saga Series NFTs

In light of Ghislaine’s Saga, “we,” on our part, indulged.

“We,” as DEP Holdings, decided to start dropping NFTs under the “Ghislaine Maxwell Saga Series” (GMSS).

Each GMSS NFT will follow the premise of the Mail on Sunday Expose by Daphne Barak (DB MoS Expose) on 14 November 2021.

The GMSS NFTs will be objective and informative, following professional media acumen displayed in the “DB MoS Expose”.

The first GMSS NFT is expected to be dropped during the jury selection, starting the week of November 15.