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Ghislaine – Partner in Crime is a documentary series. It focuses on Ghislaine Maxwell’s criminal trial in 2021 and uncovers explosive revelations. They are detailed by a member of the jury, survivors and lawyers. Those closest to the former socialite explore her privileged yet turbulent upbringing.

How could this child of a billionaire end up in a courtroom? The charges include helping her rich friend Jeffrey Epstein recruit, groom and traffic teenage girls for sexual abuse. So, it becomes easy to conclude it as a Shakespearian tragedy: While her family stands by her unconditionally, it is never too late for the truth.

The air date is April 6, 2022 on CBS / Paramount Plus. This four part series was produced in partnership with ITV and Fremantle. It explores the central question in Ghislaine Maxwell’s trial. How deeply was she involved in the sex trafficking ring and how did she become the accomplice? Meanwhile, loyal siblings and a friend of Ghislaine strongly believe in her innoncence.

Ghislaine – Partner in Crime

According to a Court in New York   

The court evidence is mainly based on news reports. In turn, interviews with legal experts, journalists, friends and her alleged victims make up the news reports. Coupled with the urgency to prosecute her quickly once the trial started, in her most frail state, some began to believe this may be a scheme.

Questions needed answers. First, was not Ghislaine a wealthy, white, and privileged member of the society? Two, has there not been a disagreement in America about “free press” since 2016? Three, did not the detention and trial take place in a trifecta governed state? Considering if the answers were yes, yes, and yes, some would question if justice was served in this divided America in this case.

The verdict came in New York. where Ghislaine was detained but also isolated more than five hundred days before she was charged. The court lasted shorter than expected. The judge was a President Obama appointee and was in the process of further promotion. Then, there were the likes of Prince Andrew that settled promptly right after the trial with one of his accusers that was also an accuser of Ghislaine.

Ghislaine – Partner in Crime

According to the Producers of the Docuseries

Susan Zirinsky is the best there is at the top of the industry in America. Daphne Barak and Erbil Gunasti have collaborated with her before and made top ratings. Now they opted to do it again, but they are also collaborating on the next one. In the meantime, the premise of this docuseries and answers it provides, are reflective of the realities at hand.

Yet, there is also one brazen anomaly to mention at this time. No one has yet to hear Ghislaine speak, except what Daphne Barak revealed twice. One came as the footage of an old interview with Ghislaine and her mother when she sat down with them exclusively for Fox News in 1992.

The other stunned everyone when Mail on Sunday recently printed what Ghislain passed to Daphne from the jail cell. She could have said more during the trial for her defense but she did not speak. Why she did not require a lot more space to explain, hence the point here is that her testimony was missing during the trial.

Short of that, this docuseries has everything involving this saga. That includes family members, friends, and associates of Ghislaine. They are handpicked by Ghislaine and exclusively interviewed by Daphne Barak. That also concludes that they may be biased. Not so fast!

Ghislaine – Partner in Crime


Daphne Barak

Daphne Barak, news innovator and film and television producer, conducted seven curicial interviews. She focused solely on Ghislaine’s three siblings and four friends and associates. They naturally spoke on her behalf in her absence in the docuseries. Yet, none was a witness during the trial.

In other words, Ghislaine had no one speaking for her all throughout this process. That is the primary reason why Daphne Barak joined this project when Susan Zirinsky asked her. Immediately after that, Daphne first located and then convinced all seven one at a time.

Ghislaine Maxwell

Evil or Sacrificial Lamb?

Simply put, not many witnesses were in the courtroom on behalf of Ghislaine during the trial. It is a little odd that a wealthy socialite with tons of friends and associates would have hardly anyone willing to speak on her behalf during such a trial. From that perspective, she sure looks like she has become a sacrificial lamb. On the other hand, many spoke against her during the trial and in this docuseries and they painted her like an evil.

Yet, after the verdict of the jury convicted her “guilty as charged” almost on all counts, questions did not fade away. In fact, one of the jury members confessed after the verdict. He first said that he did not speak the truth during the questioning. After that, he explained how he convinced the rest of the undecided jurors against Ghislaine. From the divided America perspective, the judge was the key to this case.

The judge ruled: No retrial, never mind mistrial.

End of story?

More is coming…

And these loyal siblings of Ghislaine are committed to “keep fighting”.

Meanwhile, click here for the trailer of this four part series!