Filming In California Or Not

Filming in California or not is not a hard decision in the 2020s. America and the West have lived under Globalist reign since 1992. As a result, the economy continuously decayed all throughout. Meanwhile, better socio-economic opportunities mushroomed in the rest of the world. Consequently, thirty years later, the chances for filming somewhere other than California became a good bet.

Filming in California or Not

California’s bad luck in the hands of Democrat-ran trifecta governments since 1992 benefited others. Ever entrenched unions in particular made it difficult for some studios to operate profitably in Hollywood. Cost of living has also increased faster than other states. Finally, crime and the homeless crisis took their toll.

The movie and video industry, naturally, looked for alternatives.They found better opportunities. For example, the film industry today creates a continuous revenue stream for New Orleans. Atlanta, Albuquerque, Austin, Chicago, and New York do a lot better. Yet, there are many other states from Florida to Rhodes Island with suitable economic conditions for the industry.

When put in perspective, Atlanta, Georgia is half as expensive compared to Los Angeles, California. However, that is not the only lure for the movie industry to migrate from Hollywood. Illinois and New York give up to 30 percent tax incentives. New Mexico and Texas offer balmy weather like SoCal. Plus, they all have a talent pool, alongside affordable living conditions and some with less or no personal taxation.

Worse news for California, the competition does not come only¬† from other states in North America. The whole world presents a direct challenge for Hollywood. India and China are two of the biggest. Others from Turkey to Nigeria have rapidly growing industries. Altogether, they surely take away plenty of viewers from “Made in Hollywood” movies.

Still, California used to generate around ten billion dollars a year until a decade ago from movies. The rest of the top ten countries with movie industries had a combined revenues equal to Hollywood’s in 2012. A decade later in 2022, the gap has already narrowed. Movie industry in California now makes up only one third of the world’s total.

Amy Winehouse TV Series

As a Californian and newly minted filmmaker, it became important for us to note how and where movies are made. Filming in California or not is a question we have to make a decision on. Soon we will determine where to film the eight part Amy Winehouse TV series. Are we going to end up in St. Lucia, for example?

Since our series will be based on “Saving Amy”, authored by Daphne Barak and our six months with Amy Winehouse, St. Lucia may be the right place for it. Otherwise, surely, we can always find a St. Lucia in Turkiye where I come from or Israel where Daphne comes from. There are plenty of viable alternatives.

Daphne Barak Television Specials

California has always been the most preferred location to film for Daphne Barak television specials. New York and London have been the other two alternatives. Occasionally, we also filmed in Miami. Simply because, they are the most suitable places to spend time and film with A-Listers of Hollywood and the world.

However, Amy Winehouse TV Series is a different animal. As a result, there are lots of tangibles and intangibles to consider. Unfortunately, California will not survive the though give and take among all suitors. In the Daphne Barak television specials, we ran a thight ship. Here we have to be “diplomatic”.

Filming in California or Not

Considering how authocratic California has become since 1992 is the other irony to point at. An authocratic regime in charge, certainly, affects lots of variables during an enduring filming. However, politics will have nothing to do with our decision but economics will play a big role. California also loses there, unfortunately.

On top of everyting, we have a job to do as associate and executive prodcuers of this TV series. From the day, I came eye to eye with Amy, I believe I assumed to play the role how to set her legacy right. Daphne, on the other hand, kind of recieved her marching orders when Amy came up with a statement when “Saving Amy” was published.

Reportedly, she said: “Only Daphne Barak can explain my complicated life.” Based on realities as well, with this film we will be face to face with two legacies. Amy Winehouse and Hollywood will surely create more questions for us to ponder when it is all done.