Erbil-Writes: In British Dailies

After the Daily Mail published my third article in October 2022, our close friend and esteemed barrister Bitu Bhalla remarked: “Seven more like this will make a book!” Now that the Daily Mail published my tenth article in British dailies, maybe it is time. How does “Erbil-Writes: In British Dailies” sound like?

If these articles were to become my next book, it would also be the tenth that I am associated with. The ninth book that I co-authored with Daphne Barak, is soon to be announced. It will be a fusion of pop-culture and politics, much like the eighth book “Struggling For One America” has also been. We co-authored it as well.

Erbil-Writes: In British Dailies 

Meanwhile here below are the headlines of my published articles in British Dailies so far. First six are from 2022. Next four are from this year. Daily Mail published nine of them. One is in The Sun. That focused on domestic politics in the US. It highlighted the potential of Ron DeSantis, Florida Governor in the 2024 presidential race.

I have been active in elective politics since 2015. I ran for Mayor in Palm Springs. Previously, I have also served 15 years at the Permanent Mission of Turkiye to the United Nations. I represented there the Office of the Prime Minister of Turkiye. I served eight prime ministers. Finally, the journey during the Donald Trump presidency leveled the field for me. I was his committed delegate in 2016 and 2020.

Ever since I took my place before the cameras. Up until then, I was behind them, producing docs and tv specials. Nowadays, I am still doing the same, but I also make movies. They are mainly based on our books. They have good likelyhood to turn into movies because they all delve with celebrities.

So then the question is how would the celebrities be part of this book?

The List

First thing is first though. Here, my articles are in order that should make the basis of this potential book. Let the celebrity factor come in one of the ensuing articles perhaps in person!

After all, it is in the public domain that I may be the most published photographer in the world. I am also the most-photographed-person-with-celebrities. Having said that let’s go over the list below.

  1. 6 August: “The Turkish drone making mincemeat of Putin’s army”
  2. 1 September: “Turkey may yet prove to be the big winner of the Ukraine war”
  3. 14 October: ” How Turkey is bidding to transform its economy with ‘Erdoganomics’ – despite 80% inflation”
  4. 7 November: “How Democrat-stronghold California could help leave Biden a lame duck following the midterms”
  5. 12 November: “What British politicians can learn from Ron DeSantis”
  6. 12 December: “What exactly is the ‘impotent’ UN doing to secure peace talks”
  7. 21 January: “All eyes are on Russia and Ukraine – but war hasn’t stopped in the Middle East”
  8. 12 February: “A shrinking economy and rising immigration is killing the American Dream”
  9. 11 March: “Whatever the critics might prefer to believe, Donald Trump is much further ahead than he was when he joined the presidential race in 2016”
  10. 13 April: Collapse of US Institutions sees China working to establish itself as the world’s economic powerhouse

Erbil-Writes: In British Dailies

A Milestone

At this juncture, I consider this last article a milestone, making the case on behalf of China. In the GameChanger, published in 2020, I argued if the US does not collaborate with Turkiye, it will not remain the sole superpower on Planet Earth before the decade is out.

Collapsing banks, the worldwide rush to dump the US Treasury bonds, the DeDollarization, projected real estate bust or stock market crisis in the US are more than warnings. My previous articles touched on a variety of issues. From the rapidly growing might of the Turkish defense industry to the domestic woes inside the US are all vitally important matters to ponder.

Over all, these ten articles covered a variety of issues, ranging from socio-economic problems to politico-military policies and developments. War & Peace also made its presence felt. These ten articles may make a book to drive the point that GameChanger started. The book singled out Turkiye and the current president Recep Tayyip Erdogan as the “power of two”, making the difference.

However, it must be also noted here that I also posted about two hundred additional articles in my two English and one Turkish blogs in the past two years. My voluminous work simply shows that I already have tons of documented position papers full of facts and opinions. They would make several books as they are constituted.

On that note, there is no shortage of books on my end. The next one should be out before the summer this year. It will be a fusion of pop culture and politics. We expect it to make the most noise of all previous books we did so far. Including “Saving Amy” that has now become eight part series, as our first movie where I am one of the producers.

So with little patience, we will all see what is in store for everyone concerned, won’t we?!