Erbil-Writes: In British Dailies

The headline of my ninth article in British dailies started with “ERBIL GUNASTI: Whatever the critics might prefer to believe…” After that, it continued with “Donald Trump is much further ahead than he was when he joined the Presidential race in 2016.”

This was also my second article, profiling one of the 2024 presidential candidates. The first was about Ron DeSantis, Governor of Florida. Unlike the governor though Trump long announced his candidacy soon after 2022 midterm elections.

The Sun, Daily Mail’s primary competitor in London, published Ron DeSantis. Donald Trump became part my other staple with my other articles listed here in this link. By ERBIL GUNASTI FOR THE MAIL ON SUNDAY

Daily Mail originally expected that this latest article to prove why Donald Trump does not have the necessary support this time around. However, when I delivered the article, we all realized that contrary to the general belief, Donald Trump in the 2024 bid, is further ahead, compared to where he was in the 2016 bid.

Donald Trump: Further Ahead

Here is how my article starts: “Discounting Donald Trump is not a new game. However, it’s a popular one right now. Trump, they say, stands no chance against the reassuringly slick Ron de Santis. Governor of Florida is widely thought to be his main rival for the Republican nomination in the 2024 presidential race. De Santis is younger and more convincing. He is a manifestly better politician with greater reach – and helpfully without the posturing and crude misogyny.”

Here is what some say about him that I do not agree with in this article.

  • Trump’s egregious behaviour has all-but destroyed his chances.
  • Millions of natural Republican sympathisers will never vote for him again.
  • He faces a tangled array of Federal investigations and lawsuits.
  • Influential republicans dismiss him as a fantasist.

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