Bocelli-Richie Plus King & I

It is not that Daphne Barak, the Queen of Media, will lock me out, rather it is because they are her friends not mine. However, on the other hand, Andrea Bocelli or Lionel Richie, and even Prince Charles before he became King Charles could have or may have called me a friend as well. They may still do so but this post is in no way to insinuate that they should. So then why this headline and why now? For those who are following what is transpiring in the UK this May, the answer should be obvious. Andrea Bocelli and Lionel Richie are to perform during the coronation of King Charles. So there you go. Here comes Bocelli-Richie Plus King & I, but with a twist! They will be there and so will I. Unfortunately, I can only share so much as to my purpose at this time.

Bocelli-Richie Plus King & I

Daphne knows all three well because they have been in her circle since she arrived in their lives. As the world’s top interviewer for a long time, she sat down with Andrea numerous times. With Lionel, we filmed in Beverly Hills for Andrea’s documentary.

With Prince Charles, Daphne had more involved interactions for many years. They deserve a separate post to give the due respect. However, for the sake of this post, it is fair to say, they are “all in the family!” That means we are close to these superstars and to the Prince, now King Charles, however in spirit, at the least.

We have been to Andrea’s home and met his entire family. Daphne spent more time with him overseas as well before my time. We established a quick and close relationship with Lionel only because he is the kind that you easily can. When he returned the favor in kind, equally warmly, we felt connected with him ever since.

On that note, we may still have yet another chapter with him, however, at this time, it is only God knows if and when. As for King Charles, he was gracious to host us at one of his castles for a special night when he was the Crown Prince. We dined and enjoyed Warner, Warner, Warner and listened to his humorous and memorable tales about one of his grand elders.

Daphne Barak & Three Kings

Andrea Bocelli is an Icon. As a result, we included him in the company of Shimon Peres, Kid Rock, and JFK Jr. We released four documentaries as part of our “ICONS in their own word” series in 2016. We titled them aptly: “Maestro at Home”, “Citizen Shimon”, “The Kid from Detroit”, and “America’s Son: JFK Jr”.

Maestro at Home included Lionel Richie, Luciano Pavarotti, Quincy Jones alongside Andrea, his beautiful wife Veronica, and talented son Matthew. Mohammed Ali and one of the Popes also had a very memorable interaction with Andrea in the doc. Citizen Shimon was with President Shimon Peres of Israel, filmed in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. Robert DeNiro, Kathleen Turner, and Henry Kissinger were also part of it, together with the likes of  Bill Clinton, for example.

The Kid from Detroit was with Kid Rock. We filmed in Nashville Tennessee at the home of Sheryl Crow. After that in Boston, we filmed with Mitt Romney, former presidential candidate to complete the doc. The last one was about JFK Jr. Since he was long gone by then, this doc was done in absentia. However, we filled the void with 35 members of the Kennedy family when we traveled with them to New Ross, Ireland.

There is no documentary to speak of with then Prince Charles or King Charles of today. Nevertheless, as is the case with Daphne, she has been with these three kings, and a lot of other kings and queens of the entertainment world all her life. Her private library says they number more than 350 and they are all original content.

Bocelli-Richie Plus King & I and the Queen

We plan to be in London during the Coronation. Now that we know our friends will be there too, “what a coincidence” this would be. However, we will also be there for business much like they will be when they are performing. After all, I continue to publish one article per month in the Daily Mail. Daphne continues with her breaking-news exclusives, involving Ghislaine Maxwell and Britney Spears.

Having spent quality time with both Andrea and Lionel, we understand where they are coming from at this stage in their lives. It is no coincidence that Andrea was also mentioned for a while with the 2016 presidential election celebrations. The toxicity in Wash DC prevented it from materialization. In London, the goal is to make it a very smooth transition. Andrea and Lionel are the best there is to make that happen.

For me, it is already a very momentous occasion because it is Bocelli-Richie Plus King & I. For Daphne, it is all the same. After all, she is the Queen of Media, she decides when it is time for us to indulge in a project. Otherwise, Queen & I continue to play a role in the lives of these superstars, kings, queens and heads of state, and other celebrities with global name recognition, nevertheless and God willing!

In that respect our next book and TV specials or for that matter movie, now that we also make moveis, starting with Amy Winehouse are soon to be announced. Patience is the King, considering all these kings and queens we have to deal with. They deserve our sensitivities before we release what we have to. Let no one have a second thought about them!

They are in the pipeline, soon to burst out, for those in the know and waiting impatiently to learn exactly what we are up to next. Some more than others!