Time to Brace

Time to Brace for America

2020 was tough for everyone but 2021 will be even worse. It is not because Joe Biden is the President of the United States of America. Rather, it is because former President Donald Trump had an extra ordinary four years. It is normal for a Donald Trump delegate to make such one-sided claims but facts suport the argument. 2021 is the time to brace for America.

The 46th president must sustain the economic accomplishments of the 45th president. God-forbid if it cannot maintain three percent yearly growth but also keep China at bay with only three percent growth, no one can help America. International pressures will come from all corners against the administration in the White House.

All the while, thanks to the toxic 2016 presidential eelction, divided America, and the 2020 electoral mess, now there is an additional problem to deal with. Domestic squabbles are sure to take a new form where competing sides will resort to intransigent measures against one another more often than not.

Economy: Time to Brace in America

The Obama Administration had complained for eight years that the Bush Administration left behind a very bad economy. As a result, it presented it as the reason why the economy never grew more than two percent. Yet, when the Trump Administration took the miserable economy from the Obama Administration somehow it miraculously grew three percent from the get-go.

The problem is for the incoming Biden Administration is now two fold. One, it has to sustain the three percent growth that the Trump Administration left behind. Two, it has to keep the incredible recovery of the US economy in the post Covid-19 period. By the time the 2020 elections were underway, the US economy was growing thirty-three percent.

It is time to brace in America. What if Biden does better than Trump? On the other hand, what if Biden becomes the copy cat of Obama when it comes to economy. In either case, it will become a rough ride, it will be time to brace in America.

International Pressures: Time to Brace in America

In 2021, irrespective of the economic growth, international pressures will surely increase for America. It is simly because of the natural progression of the new world order. Number of Eastern countries have come of age in economic and military growth.

Considering the US economy has been shrinking since 1992 under Globalist regimes, when Eastern powers were rising fast, now with the Biden Administration at the helm the trend will continue unabated. As a result, America will be under even greater international pressures.

The reality was that for four years the Trump Administration had tried and was able to stop the rapid progression of the Eastern powers. Unfortunately, Americans did not appreciate what he tried to do. Now the ball is back on the court of the Globalists. They have no alternative but to face the brunt.

Time will tell but it is time to brace for america because international pressures will surely show their ugly face. Meanwhile, no one can for sure argue that there will be no more domestic squabbles in America. In other words, the Sword of Damocles will be up there, dangling.

Domestic Squabbles: The Sword of Damocles

Domestic squabbles have always been part of the fabric in America and it was always explained in the context of Democracy. Alexis de Tocqueville further put it into perspective, saying Democracy in America is one of a kind: The Best.

In 2021 though, domestic squabbles worry everyone. Maybe it is time to admit that Democracy ran its course in America. For example, Democrats asked to replace the electorate system with the popular vote in 2016. Republicans complained about mail-in voting in 2020. In 2021, neither side was willing to listen the other side on much of anything.

Trump vs Biden

There are fundamental differences between Trump supporters and those that brought to the power the Biden Administration. They are too many to list them but a quick look at the debate on international trade explains the divide from another perspective.

For example:

Trump is nationalist and for free and fair trade that must be achieved with bilateral negotiations. Biden is globalist and supports multilateral organizations in the international arena. Both have merits but neither side is willing to agree on the common denominator. Meanwhile, the rest of the world takes advantage of the superpower.

Worse, such domestic squabbles will prevent America to miss the bigger picture in the international arena and face further problems in the domestic economy. I wrote it in the “GAMECHANGER: Trump Card: Turkey & Erdogan,” printed in the US and Australia in 2020. Chapters six, seven, and eight are worth the visit to get the larger picture.

Or one can still read the same book a decade from now and contemplate then, how Turkey grew five times faster than the US in the interim.