2020 was a tough year for everyone but 2021 will be even worse. Not because Joe Biden at the helm will make it worse but what Donald Trump did in four years was extra ordinary. It is normal for a Donald Trump delegate to make such one sided claim but when the facts are facts the blame must go somewhere else. America nowadays has to deal with a three headed monster, consisting of economy, international pressures and domestic squabbles.

  • Economy

Obama presidency had complained for eight years that the previous Bush Administration left a very bad economic hand. As a result, economy never grew more than 2 percent which had never happened in America until then. For some reason, as soon as Trump came to power, somehow there was 3 percent or more growth all throughout. By the time the elections were underway, economy was growing 33 percent, recovering from the Corona deep.

Obama supporters argued that the 44th president left the 45th president a healthy economy to propel from. Biden presidency should not have anything to complain about since Trump presidency currently has a booming economy. So brace America, economy should even grow faster with Biden at the helm.  Otherwise, don’t go far just look at the Obama era economy for the guilty.

  • International Pressures

In the international arena, the US used to make up about 26 percent of the global GDP in 1992. Three globalist presidents later, in 24 years, the share of the US in the global GDP fell to about 15 percent. None of these three presidents can be blamed for the whole mess. Each deserves a share in bringing down over all economic standing of America. Bill Clinton Administration did not have an extra ordinary economic growth. Barack Obama Administration did not pull it down so much with only 2 percent growth on average. George Bush Administration wasted trillions with war in Iraq but it was no different than the 8 trillion dollars extra budget deficit that was incurred with Obama.

It was the combination of what was happening in the international arena and what was transpiring inside America. It was a one two punch against America. Otherwise it is not possible to explain how American economy declined 11 percentage point in 24 years.  7 Western economies of the top 20 economies in the world also came to the brink of being replaced by Muslim economies. China, India, Indonesia and Turkey are soon projected to form the top five economies because of that. Neither one of the four was in top ten when Clinton came to power.

    • Economic growth matters

Even more pertinent question, how come the rise of the eastern economies against the economy in America significantly slowed down even stopped during Donald Trump Administration?  Joe Biden Administration must continue the success. Absence of that will prove that the decline of the West during the 24 globalist years was not a mirage.

  • Domestic Squabbles

2016 was a gargantuan domestic squabble in America. 2020 does not look like will be any less. Coupled with what transpired in the US Congress and media against the Trump Administration in the past four years, likely hood of domestic squabbles will continue. None of it is good for America. It undermined Trump Administration. It will be no different for the Biden Administration. Circumstances do not give any hope for the better for the moment.

Domestic squabbles have always been part of fabric in America. The best way to explain because there is Democracy. Americans take pride in their Democracy. Rightly so, Alexis de Tocqueville summarized it then, how it is one of a kind. Yet complaints about election results do not even leave room to visit the Justice system or economic disparity. And the fact that complaints are basic and fundamental, the danger is even more acute. For example, Democrats asked to replace electorate system with popular vote in 2016. Republicans complain about mail in voting this time in 2020. One has to do with track record of the past. The other has to do with the progress and the future. Complaining about past and future is a double whammy. This is more than a domestic squabble only if America wakes up.

  • Trump vs Biden Methods

Trump is a nationalist and for free and fair trade that must be achieved with bilateral negotiations. Biden is a globalist and supports the multilateral organizations in the international arena. Both have merits but there has to be one common denominator to determine which way is the right way, today! If the economic decline of the West in the past 24 years under globalist regimes in America is the measuring stick then Trumpian nationalistic bilateral relationships must be the way. What other measuring stick could be more persuasive than economic growth? Could military might be? If so how? Nothing comes to mind. You figure!

I wrote: “GAMECHANGER: Trump Card: Turkey & Erdogan” printed in the US, Australia, now in Turkey, soon in Japan. Chapters 6,7 and 8 are relevant now for Biden supporters to put it into perspective. My second book, not published yet but completed and awaiting, talks about the 24 globalist years with a sarcasm. I could not think any other way to project it because nothing that transpired was easy to stomach for a newly naturalized American citizen who took pride in Democracy, elections, economy in America until recently.