Dark Horse

There Came Dark Horse

After the two presidential elections in 2016 and 2020, it was clear to the majority in America. Business as usual in the elections would not have worked anymore. Free Press was no longer a universal voice. Hence what the traditional or social media was disseminating was not reliable. So how was the democratic process to continue in its absence? There Came Dark Horse!

In the third decade of the 21th century, what happens in America still matters in the rest of the world. Unlike in the 20th century though, America does not have hegemony anymore. Hence, like the ranking member of US Congress Michael McCaul said on 13 September 2021, “enemies do not fear us and friends do not trust us” anymore.

Having already gone through a toxic presidential election in 2016, divided America in the interim, and electoral mess in the 2020 presidential election, the question became: What is next? Six months into the Administration of the 46th President not one but two traumata were apparent. One involved China. It was growing five times faster than America. The other was the explosion in Afghanistan that turned into a tragedy with epic proportions.

From elections to the economy, the damage was colossal. Plus, everything was playing before the eyes of the world. The picture was not good. It was not only bleak but also terrifying. There needed a White Night, like never before.

There Came California Dark Horse

Dark Horse first appeared in California. Out of nowhere, it came at the last minute. The recall election for Governor was already underway in the minds of lots of people. There were about forty candidates running for the prize, about two months before the 14 September 2021 election day.

Larry Elder jumped in as the last candidate to the race. Ensuing polling showed a lead by ten percent for the newcomer. From the get-go, now there was a new race for everyone to reckon. This was nothing but a miracle or nightmare, depending on where one stood.

In reality, Dark Horse was there ever since the Californians embarked on this recall path. The Republican Party was the Dark Horse yet no one was paying attention to it. Larry became only the cherry on top of the cake.

California: Dark Horse For America

America has been decaying since the early 1990s in the hands of the Globalists. So much so that America controlled twenty-six percent of the global GDP when they came to power in 1992. When they left, America was controlling only fifteen percent of it in 2016.

During the same period and still today, California is in the hands of the Globalists. Except for Governor Arnold Schwarzeneger reign for a few years, they have “trifecta” control of the state, meaning Democrats rule everywhere when Republicans have no say.

The correlation between California and America is striking. If only California were to fix its socio-economic and political problems, so will America. The ripple effect of California will make America remain as the economic superpower a little longer. California, with around a 3 trillion-dollar economy, makes up about fifteen percent of the US GDP in the 2020s.

What Is Dark Horse?

At this moment, “Dark Horse Series” is a Trade Mark of DEP Holdings. It comes to life as NFTs on its own platform as a collectible art with the potential to generate wealth for investors. Soon it may also make noise in political arenas. Until then, it is wise to keep a close watch @ original to digital (og2d).

As for Larry or California, as far as the Recall Election for Governor is concerned, when the results were in on the evening of 14 September, there was no surprise. California continued to remain as Dark Horse for America. Now the task at hand was to explain it to the Republicans. Until then, there is nothing but to say: Kudos to Democrats for a job well done!