The making of the “The Two White Houses” documentary film began on November 4th, 2020. No sooner it was ready to reflect what transpired during the elections in America. Its original version was already out on November 3rd, as “Trump vs Hollywood.”


On November 3rd, 2020 presidential elections took place but on November 4th, 2020, there was no official winner. Something took place, just before midnight when the country retired into the night, stopping the counting abruptly. In the morning on the 4th, half a dozen states that were ahead in counting towards one candidate were no longer. The other candidate was now making greater strides and was in the front winning the elections.


Two months after this election, there was yet to have a concession speech from one of the presidential candidates. Instead, in the minds of half of the voters, there was a question. By now, it was becoming clear to most everybody something un-American had taken place. Divided America had just produced two White Houses. Yet, even then, it was not unprecedented.

The Nightmare of 1861

Abraham Lincoln was elected United States President and took office in March 1861. Jefferson Davis was elected President of the Confederate States on February 18, 1861. The two presidents governed the two countries throughout the four-years of the American Civil War until the surrender of the Confederacy in April 1865.

Trump vs Hollywood:

The Two White Houses Documentary

Erbil Gunasti and Daphne Barak released the Trump vs Hollywood documentary a few weeks before the November 3rd presidential elections. Respectively, as the producer and director of this “real-time” film, they focused on divided America, racism, and Trump persona. They looked for answers if making One-America was possible again in divided America and they asked the question; “Can we talk?”

The Two White Houses


Gunasti and Barak filmed it in real-time and during COVID-19 quarantined months with 24 Hollywood stars and entertainers. Half of them are pro-Trump and the other against. They expressed their anxieties and fears in America, talking about President Donald Trump.

Trump vs Hollywood

They achieved the feat and the documentary was released just in time, a couple of weeks before the presidential elections. But due to what transpired on the election night in America, on the morning of the 4th, they decided that the documentary had to go through revision.

It was no longer Trump vs Hollywood but rather Trump vs Hollywood: The Two White Houses. The logo was pointing to a split on the road. One was heading towards 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. The other was marked Mara-A-Lago.


The Two White Houses

The Two White Houses:

A Fait Accompli

When Abraham Lincoln and Jefferson Davis were two presidents, Lincoln resided in the White House. There was Civil War. It lasted four years. One side lost the military war and surrendered. Divided America became One America again and stayed as such for a long time. Yet, the scars apparently never healed.


When Donald J. Trump became the 45th president of the US and moved into the Oval Office, half of America could not stomach it. Was it his persona that did it or the problems America was facing were more ingrained? After all, no man could have drawn the ire of that many millions alone no matter how great of a villain he could have been tried to be portrayed as such. There had to be a lot bigger force, perhaps evil, behind this divide.

A careful look points at Globalism. It is an ideology and it is rehashing old divisions in America. Big Baby Glen Davis made a clear point in the documentary. He said for someone “to poke his finger on the wound” and to keep the finger on it knowing all too well the pain that it is inflicting…

He never finished the sentence.

The question is who is finger is that and what is the wound it is poking on? From the looks of it, It reminds all the wounds dating back to 1861. So much so that, finger stayed on the wound until November 4th and America ended up with worse than what it had started within 2016. The Two White Houses became a fait accompli.

Hollywood Made The Two White Houses,

Not Trump

Donald J. Trump bought Mar-A-Lago in 1985, dreaming about the White House one day. Someone else before him envisioned it and built it with the same purpose in mind. What is romantic about it is the fact that a Yankee has envisioned it and made it a reality like only an American can do.

Ironically, Mar-A-Lago became the private club for those that were shunned by a handful of other clubs in the area. Much like the presidency of Donald Trump that became a refuge for those that believed they did not have a voice or representation in Wash. DC.

Like Hillary Clinton summarized it: The Deplorables found their club with Mar-A-Lago, much like the Deplorable voters found their president in its owner. While “White Privilege” still continues to enjoy membership in the other long-established clubs there, these Deplorables continue to be looked down on by those that also feel more “privileged” than them.

Hollywood Missed It!

Hollywood did not have the luxury of picking sides in America.

Did not ordinary people paying for movie tickets at the theaters make everyone wealthy, famous and privileged in the first place?

Is this how Hollywood suppose to pay back to all the “Deplorables” that made them, the elitists, that they are today?

Much like the Politburo of the Soviet Union did it to the working class that made them powerful, wealthy, privileged.