Britney Spears

The-Sun & Daily-Mail Collaboration

The Sun is one of the biggest newspapers in the world. So is the Daily Mail. They are both London tabloids. They are the world’s leading competitors, meaning everyday they must have the biggest headlines, but different ones. Except this time! Last Sunday, they collaborated to print Britney Spears by Daphne Barak at the same time. They did not do it because Brtiney Spears asked for it. No, they did it because Daphne Barak agreed to it and made the two tabloids agree to it as well.  As a result, perhaps for the first time in history, an epic, The-Sun & Daily-Mail Collaboration took place.

Surely, when Princess Diana or Amy Winehouse tragically passed, all tabloids made them cover stories. Not many other stories warrant these globe leading London tabloids to carry the same cover stories at the same time. In that regard, it is all the more notable what Daphne accomplished with the Britney story past Sunday. Nevertheless, this is not the only time Daphne made the biggest ratings for London tabloids. From Michael Jackson to Amy Winehouse to Princess Diana to Benazir Bhutto remarkable ratings took place over time.

The-Sun & Daily-Mail Collaboration

The Britney Spears saga had dominated the tabloid news longer than a decade. With this Sunday’s The-Sun & Daily-Mail Collaboration, Britney Spears – Kevin Federline fairy tale may stay in the news for yet another decade. Number of reasons warrant it. Soon the Federline broadcast will show the issues have universal interest. From opiods to mental health to super talented kids and parents, coupled with trials and tribulations of an American family will be on display.

In other words, The-Sun & Daily-Mail did not print, and ITV News and Entertainment Tonight (ET) did not broadcast ordinary news. Altogether they understood the importance of the issues raised in this Daphne Barak production. It was Daphne’s idea to embark on this project. As usual, I take most of the credit as a producer everytime she does something extraordinary. In any case, the footage, photos, and the message delivered reflect our work so far.

The Saga of the Superstar Britney Spears

The saga of the superstar Brtiney Spears is worth paying attention to. It involves mental health as well as freedom of expression by everyone. It is both a complicated and public matter because it already received notoriety across the world for over a decade.

Daphne Barak decided it is time to give it the due respect. As a result, she convinced the world’s biggest tabloids to collaborate and various broadcasters around the world to join the cause. They all did. Soon we will see how this effort will evolve for the Britney-Federline family.

Hopefully, it will bring the superstar mother and her two teenage sons together. They will become a united family again against all odds. They will live happily ever after with the rest of their extended families. Consequently, they will become a glimmer of hope to the rest of the divided America in these trying times.