Such Negativity with Joe Biden

There is such negativity with Joe Biden being the president that even it kills the mood in Hollywood. Loking like a dead man walking, never mind inspiring, Biden does not even galvanize emotions good or bad. Even his commercials asking for more funds towards his reelection campaign reflect a depressive and deflated atmosphere.

Unfortunately, in America, there is the tyrianny of elder generation. That is why no one talks anything against him. Some would argue it is out of respect. Some others would insist because they prefer civility to confrontation and they are right. America had enough with the Black Lives Matter like radicals on both side of aisle being in our face.

Such Negativity with Joe Biden

 Negativity with the 45th President of the US is not limited to one or two aspects of his policies or priorities or personality. Voluminous problems can be best explained if they wrere to be divided into two as a start. Both domestic and and international problems he has faced so far reflect how helpless he has been.


Economy is number one, two, and three. There is nothing good to say about it because it is full of holes. It is draining the sole superpower in the world and faster everyday that he is in charge. Simply because he does not have the will or capacity to fill the holes.

What is worse with Joe Biden Administration is that there is no hope that anything will be right under his leadership. In fact, even Democrats had long gave up on him. Nevertheless, trying to hold on to the sinking ship will surely drag everyone under water in time.

Inflation, dedollarization, run on the US bonds, not much economic growth, banking crisis are some of the current problems. Real estate and stock market crahses are the next in line horror stories everyone are dreadful to even think about it.

In such an horrific atmosphere, what is to inspire anyone in Hollywood to make anything worthwile. Maybe that is why what sells the best nowadays are “horror” stories themselves. At least by watching a horror movie, people can console themselves that they are only make believe stories.


Internationally, horror show is no less than domestic versions. Except there is more misery internaiontally. The Russia-Ukraine war is the legacy of Joe Biden Administration. Worse part of this legacy is that his administration will most likely be blamed for more than what it seems to be at this time.

In other words, internationally, what transpires like a horror show does not take place on its own. Nor any adversaries of America starts them either. In reality, they are the by product of what the Biden Administration is doing in the first place. The foreign policy objectives are to be blamed.

Looking at G-7 and NATO summits of the most recent two years reflect the reality. Joe Biden attends both and comes out not only defeated but also embarrassed. Nothing that Joe Biden would push forward in these summits will produce a good return for America or the Western Alliance that it leads.

Instead, it is a better bet to see that Joe Biden’s attendance galvanizing a rising power of the East or two to comme willifying his administration.¬† However, their counterreaction are no longer rethoric, rather they also turn into actionable international moves of consequence with repercautions.

Such Negativity with Joe Biden

Poor Hollywood

Hollywood grew fast and furious all throughout the 20th century when America grew to dominate Earth economically and militarily. Hollywood, at its height of power, fell victim to the Globalist radicals in the second half of the last century. The rise of Jane Fonda to prominence highlighted the era of decadence.

When Globalists altogether came out of closet since 1992, poor Hollywood really lost the ground it stood on. From there on, there was an onslaought. Surely, the rise of horror movies reflect the reality of the mood in America. Coupled with the sci-fie movies in prominence, people live in oblivion.

Wasn’t the goal of Globalists anyway for people to live like Zombies? With a president like a “dead man walking” that does not show much life left in him with “every step he takes”, America looks like has given up. Hollywood mirrors it well, all the same, like it always did when America was good and not so good.