Shemane Nugent invited Daphne Barak and Money B to her podcast. They talked about Trump vs Hollywood documentaries.

Money B in the podcast

Money B is a member of Raw Fusion with DJ Fuze whom they had two albums, Live From the Styleetron and Hoochified Funk.

Money B is part of the cast of 24 Hollywood stars and entertainers.

Money B with Daphne Barak

Filming for the Trump vs Hollywood documentary during Corona quarantined months

Daphne interviewed all 24 in five different states and ten cities during the Corona epidemic.

Daphne Barak is one of the leading A-list interviewers in the world.

Barak conducts a wide range of sit-down interviews with A-list heads-of-state, royals, Hollywood stars, musicians, athletes, artists, fashion designers, supermodels and newsmakers.

Ted Nugent and Shemane

Ted Nugent is an American singer-songwriter and guitarist, In later years, he drew attention for his outspoken conservative political views, as well as his strident advocacy of hunting and gun ownership rights.

In 2012, Nugent again appeared as himself on The Simpsons, on the episode “Politically Inept, with Homer Simpson,” in which he is nominated as a presidential candidate for the Republican Party.

Ted Nugent, Shemane’s husband was one of the 24 as well and was filmed at their home, rather than a big ranch.

Shemane Nugent was born on July 15, 1962, in Missouri, USA. She is a writer and director, known for Off GuardKiller House (2020) and Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations (2005).

Ted Nugent and Daphne

Filmed in the living room of the ranch with dozens of kills on the walls: All with conservation in mind and spirit and nothing went to waste, like the skin of Zebra on the floor that became a carpet.

Click below for Shemane’s podcast with Daphne and Money B, conducted in November 2020.

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