Scott Baio is one of 24 Hollywood stars and entertainers of the Trump vs Hollywood documentary film.

Filming began with the Conservatives. Scott was the first to be filmed and he made the “civil war” comment to reflect his frustration and in the spirit of a light atmosphere.

Real-time filming reflected on the ensuing stars and entertainers: They touched breaking news on racism.  The chaotic environment that gave way to violence across America all throughout the Corona quarantined months fueled their willingness to delve into painful personal stories, making the documentary even more relevant.

Donald Trump supporter and Happy Days star in blunt US election civil war claim.

DONALD TRUMP supporter Scott Baio – best-known for his role in the TV show Happy Days – made a chilling comment about the threat of civil war in comments revealed to


PUBLISHED: 10:03, Wed, Nov 4, 2020 | UPDATED: 12:38, Wed, Nov 4, 2020

The incumbent US leader claimed the Democrats are “never going to catch us” in a statement today, where he also hit out against alleged voter “fraud”. Mr. Trump’s claims are unsubstantiated and have been widely condemned in the US and around the world. Meanwhile, former Vice President Joe Biden said that his team “feel good about where we are” and believed they were “on track to win this election”. Currently, the results are too close to call and could take days until the future US President is announced. Many fear the ramifications of the result, including a renowned psychiatrist admitting concerns that Mr. Trump might not leave the White House if he loses. Others have feared civil war could break out amid continued tensions in the US and aggressive displays of campaigners with guns.

Of those who hinted at the possible threat of violence breaking out onto the streets was Happy Days actor Scott Baio, who starred alongside Henry Winkler’s character ‘The Fonz’.

The Brooklyn-born TV star spoke about the treatment of celebrities who supported President Trump in the new documentary Trump VS Hollywood, which is out in December.

He said: “It bothers me that people won’t speak to me because I’m a Trump guy… It’s so horrible.”

Mr. Baio spoke out alongside other celebrities including Superman star Dean Cain, Hercules actor Kevin Sorbo and Buffy the Vampire Slayer actress Kristy Swanson.

Some claimed their careers had been derailed due to their political persuasion and believed they were deliberately not chosen for parts because of their allegiance to Mr. Trump.

In a clip shared with, Mr. Baio warned: “If you’re not hiring me because I’m a conservative shame on you. If there’s a civil war, don’t forget who has all the guns!”

Director Daphne Barak interpreted his chilling words as a joke – but the concern about violence is prevalent across the US and many fear civil war could be a possible outcome.

She told “There are shocking and painful accounts from both sides but regarding that comment, I want to put it back in context.

“Scott dared to say he was not only banned or lost auditions but not invited to auditions because of his support and felt publicly insulted.

“He explained that he wanted to talk to people but ‘they don’t want to talk to me then made a Trump joke about who had the guns.

“It was funny at the time… but I want to make it known, he said it… six weeks before George Floyd and riots and violence, so it was a joke.

“Whether he made the same joke seven weeks later I don’t know but it became extremely sensitive.”

Ms. Barak felt that the comments were “funny at the time”, which was why she “included them in the trailer” in a bid to break down tensions on either side of the political aisle.

She felt the polarised views in the US on Mr. Trump and his presidency could be remedied through greater dialogue between both sides.

Ms. Barak told “It’s a completely different atmosphere and time to really sit down and not continue to be a divided America by a war of hatred.”