Saving Amy by Daphne Barak

Saving Amy by Daphne Barak is a best-selling book worldwide! It was first published in the UK and Australia.

Then, a number of other European countries also published it. Reportedly, it doubled the fans of Amy Winehouse across the world.

Amy Winehouse

Since the phenomenal success of her 2006 album Back to Black, Amy Winehouse has rarely been out of the news.

Her extraordinary talent as a performing artist has long been overshadowed by her private life.

She had a turbulent relationship with the media. Her very public battle with addiction did not help her either. In fact, it brought her end.

Saving Amy by Daphne Barak

Shed Light to Truth

Saving Amy is not just a candid account of Amy Winehouse’s struggle to overcome her own personal demons.

It is also a sympathetic look at the reality of a family living and dealing with addiction.

Saving Amy is based on exclusive interviews and the diaries and personal recollections of international interviewer Daphne Barak.

She spoke intimately with the Winehouse family in London, St. Lucia and other locations.

Daphne Barak

Daphne Barak has interviewed many A-list international figures – from musicians and Hollywood stars to Heads-of-State.

Hillary Clinton, Nelson Mandela and Johnny Depp are some of the more than three hundred iconic figures.

Daphne is syndicated to many of the world’s leading print and broadcast outlets.

Saving Amy by Daphne Barak

The documentary based on Saving Amy won an Oscar since her passing in 2011. Over the years, the book became a cult.

Daphne basically discovered the truth about Amy in St Lucia after 23 get-togethers in a span of a week.

She divulged only ten percent of what she mastered about Amy and the Winehouses.

Documenting more than forty hours of footage was remarkable.

To turn it into the “Diary of My Time with Amy Winehouse” as a major feature story with global headlines was even more important.

Culminating everything in a book, that is by product of the diary, was useful, helpful and meaningful.

Not revealing more than ten percent was brilliant. As Daphne put it, Amy could not have handled it well any more than that.

Time would come more will be revealed, possibly with a movie, but also with yet another book edition.