Los Angeles – November 1, 2020 – A prominent group of African American actors and entertainers have accepted President Donald J. Trump’s invitation to visit the White House in December to work together on important issues facing the Black Community.

In a late-night night phone call with the President Saturday night, rappers Eric B. and Money-B, actor Isaiah Washington, who are among the stars in Trump vs. Hollywood, and film director Daphne Barak, all agreed to continue their discussion of economic opportunity, criminal justice reform and the President’s groundbreaking “Platinum Plan” to deliver greater opportunity, security, prosperity and fairness to their communities.

“Thirty years ago I had a conversation with Donald Trump and he told me never to be afraid to hire the best people in business, even if they have more experience than me,” said rap pioneer Eric B., a lifelong Democrat.  “And that conversation has shaped my business decisions ever since. I am pleased that President Trump is willing to have this uncomfortable conversation about how we can help the black community close the wealth gap.”

“President Trump took the time to get on the phone with us after a long day with four campaign rallies and I took that to mean he cares about our concerns,” said Money-B. “It’s refreshing, and a good beginning. We want to get to work.”

“I know firsthand what the Fake News media can do to a person, and I see what they keep trying to do to President Trump,” said Isaiah Washington. “I’m now solidly with President Trump and I’m liking what I’m seeing in the results already.”

“We filmed a documentary in real-time during the pandemic, and with so much going on from the coronavirus to George Floyd, we wanted to hear from both sides of the political spectrum,” said film executive producer and director Daphne Barak. “We spoke with a variety of celebrities and a common theme among many was “Can we just talk?” We are pleased that President Trump took time from his packed schedule to talk and listen. All people on the call felt that he really wants to have an open conversation with the Black community.”

The artists had just completed a sneak preview of Barak’s documentary, Trump vs. Hollywood, which is an examination of the divisions in America and an attempt to bring opposing ideologies together for a long-overdue civil discussion. Barak interviewed 24 Hollywood stars, musicians, rappers and notable figures from both sides of the political spectrum during the pandemic about their candid feelings regarding President Trump and America.

In addition to Eric B., Money-B, Isaiah Washington, and Glen “Big Baby” Davis, who was unable to join Saturday’s call but will be joining the White House meeting in December, Trump vs. Hollywood includes: musician Kid Rock, vocalist Andrea Bocelli, actor Scott Baio, actor Dean Cain, actor Robert Davi, actress Kristy Swanson, actor Kevin Sorbo, actress and author Sam Sorbo, musician Ted Nugent, actor Eric Roberts, actress and casting director Eliza Roberts, director Brett Ratner, rapper Too Short (who has also been invited to the December meeting), producer Avi Lerner, Hollywood lawyer Mark Geragos, actor and reality star Claudia Jordan, actor and reality star Lorenzo Lamas, radio host Bill Whittle, and comedian DeRay Davis.

Trump vs. Hollywood premieres on December 14 across streaming platforms including Amazon, Apple TV, and Google. For a limited time, ahead of the election, a sneak preview of Trump vs. Hollywood is available for rent on Vimeo.

For more information about Trump vs. Hollywood, please visit www.fighting4oneamerica.com.

President Invites Trump vs Hollywood Cast to White House Click Here: Press Release PDF