Possible Censorship in the US

In 2023, posing a question about possible censorship in the US has long become a probability. The First Amendment has been protecting Freedom of the Press in the US since December 15, 1791, as part of the Bill of Rights.

Unfortunately, in the divided America, no one can claim anymore that there is Freedom of Press in the US. Freedom of Press requires universal acceptance of news and no interference to its dissemination. Both have troubling issues.

Possible Censorship in the US

The US Constitution today continues to protect the right to disseminate news freely. However, a growing number of citizens claiming the absence of “Freedom of Press” is also a fact. As a result, possible censorship in the US becomes a probability.

As to the facts, they can only be listed with personal experiences. Anything other than that would most likely trigger sensitive nerves to react with ferocity. In order not to irk “powers to be”, criticism should be limited to citing the problems faced, like I have been.

Conservatives and Republicans

Being registered as a Republican in the US qualifies me from the get-go to be considered like a vulnerable citizen. Probability of a possible censorship against people like me easily becomes a suspect. On top, being a Trump delegate in 2016 and 2020 presidential races aggravates the probabilities against me even more.

The fact that I became a notable citizen when I ran for Mayor did not help me either. Not only did I ran for the highest office in Palm Springs but I also ran as a Republican. Did I do it intentionally knowing full well that this global jewel of a city has long been an LGBT fortress? No, I did it to be true to the voters.

That is also where I witnessed a phenomena that became widespread across North America. It immediately became clear to me, while it was also to the naked eye by 2015 when I ran. Conservatives and Republicans in Plam Springs have long replaced Gays and Lesbians in the closets.

Social Media

A decade later, there is no doubt that Republicans in the US will continue to stay in closets for a long time to come. If nothing else, they must do so as far as social media is concerned. Simple truth in the US nowadays, they cannot freely express their opinions and not to face some sort of a brunt.

Absence of tolerance, coupled with the failed educational system and widespread ignorance, make a recipe for disaster. No shortage of sinister minds would surely exploit the opportunity. As a result, “insidious” censorship would likely make a healthy living. That is the state of nature in the US at this time.

Probability of Possible Censorship in the US

Made Me Take Precautions

Regarding personal experiences as early as 2021, probability of possible censorship in the US made me take precautions. I decided not to use hosts for my websites from the US anymore, especially after another Globalist became a president. It was a hunch.

In 2023, I found out what a wise decision it was. Suddenly three of my other websites that were using US hosts went down. Since they were all backed up, they all migrated overseas intact to continue their operations. Now that they are back operational, here we go with this blog.

It is important also to note that now all four of them are in “greener and freer” pastures, in the rapidly rising markets of the East. In other words, I also avoided Europe. I strongly believe that the Old Continent, today,  is under the Globalist US influence. Hence, the same censorship may also possibly be underway there.


In other words, my fighting4oneamerica.com website assumed from the start that there would not be tolerance in the US after the 2020 presidential election. Consequently, it began the journey in an overseas host in the East from the get go.


I wanted to give a chance to the US hosts with erdoganandtrump.com. Unfortunately, it eventually became a victim. It recently stopped working and I migrated the site to overseas. It must be noted that the migration took weeks because of addtional problems emanating from the US hosts according to the overseas hosts.

In light of these abnormal developments, further problems are sure to be expected. Considering Donald Trump is back in the news as the leading Republican candidate so far in the 2024 presidential election, my site is sure to receive a lot of attention. In order to avoid the “intolerants” I had no other choice but chose an overseas host well ahead of new problems on horizon.

Add to that, the reelection of President Recep Tayyip Erodgan of Turkiye for another five years. Erdogan would continue to be equally toxic for a lot of people in the West. All the while, Erdogan is one of the most popular leaders in the East. Hence, nothing could be more natural to host my websites talking about these leaders in the countries where they are loved the most.


Eventhough the americaandturkey.com is an English domain, the blogs are in Turkish. I write with an American perspective from California for a Turkish audience. So that the Turkish audience understand the ongoing state of mind in the US well.

In specific, the Turkish blog resolves two problems. One, translation does not do justice to Turkish readers. Two, non-Turkish readers can at least get an idea what non-Americans are interested about North America.  In that regard, americandturkey.com mirrors erdoganandtrump.com.

Possible Censorship in the US

Comes With the New World Order

Now that my worries and reasons are clearly stated, here is another irony for you to ponder about. There was no apparent cesosrship in the US all throughout until the end of the Cold War. However, ever since, probability of possible censorship in the US became a distinct reality.

In other words, with the New World Order, options to disseminate information increased. The West, tragically, responded to this change by becoming “authoritarian” or controlling or interfering. The rising powers of the East, in turn, elected to be more open than they used to be.

Bottom line, I decided to migrate my websites where there is more freedom today. In the chaotic environment in the West, I believe despite the US Constitution, individual rights are not well protected. The proof in the pudding: My three sites were offline for more than a month.

Global Alternatives

Russia, China, and India, in that respect, are bewilderingly objective, and provide great alternatives to migrating sites. Turkiye also provides another good opportunity like no other. Altogether there are a lot more countries that are getting away from the yoke of the US led West and become a suitable host to the needs of everyone.

Changing Fortunes

While the world at large wellcome “Free Market”, the West becomes authoritarian, in that respect. What a turn around! Only Globalists can come up with such a miracle and they did it in three decades when they grabbed the ropes firmly in their hands in the Us ever since 1992.