What Makes A Power Couple

Not A Hollywood Thing Anymore

What makes a power couple is not a Hollywood thing anymore. Power couple is the by-product of wealth, fame, and power. Some Hollywood couples used to have it with wealth and glamour. With the help of the American hegemony around the world, they used to be accepted as a power couple. Unfortunately since there is no more American hegemony, there is no power couple coming from Hollywood either.

JFK Jr. once came close to become a power couple in its pure sense. Unfortunately, he did not marry Daryl Hannah. His father also came close when Marilyn Monroe was around. Short of that, he was not much different than what the Obamas had eventually become. They became popular to a segment of population not a universal force to be reckoned with.

Absent of political dynasty, Elisabeth Taylor and Richard Burton elevated power couple status for Hollywood stars. They had wealth and glamour. They did not play politics. On the other hand, Prince Rainier of Monaco did what no other could not. He married Hollywood superstar Grace Kelly. As a result, they truly became a power couple, combining immense wealth and glamour, dabbling with royalty and politics in Europe.

What Makes A Power Couple

Not a Hollywood Thing Anymore

In the Twenty-First Century

Ever since America began electing Globalist presidents to the Oval Office in 1992, decay became unavoidable. With that, the chances for a Hollywood couple to enjoy power couple status also disappeared around the world. In desperation, Hollywood stars did the ultimate faux-pas. They, effectively, committed suicide with the 2016 presidential election.

Remember how Madona embarrassed herself at around swearing in ceremonies of the 45th president? Has anyone heard about her or any other that insulted Trump ever since? The fact that they did not get much media attention in the past four years reflects the validity of the arithmetic.

Wealth plus glamour plus political power equal to power couple. So long as a man and a woman present themselves as one, of course. Especially, in this day and age, that is also the primary requirement. No matter how much noise creates confusions, coming out from “not so well” few, during these “degenerated” times that we live in.

Not A Hollywood Thing Anymore

Because of a Political Suicide

Hollywood stars, troubled by their brain-drain, coupled with economic drain in California and America, contributed to the suicide in 2016. Globalist reign since 1992 had long stripped them from their wealth and glamour compared to past generations. The last thing they had to resort to in such desperate times was to turn to politics for help.

Instead, they should have focused on their trade, trusting their art and talent to recreate Hollywood. As a result, they dragged the Hollywood brand further into the mud. Stars lost more followers and audiences as they lost credibility. So much so, by the 2016 presidential election, Hollywood stars proved to the world how they were no longer in touch with what has been transpiring across the universe.

Their attempt to discredit and then attempt to bring down Donald J. Trump, were nonesensical or even pitiful before large masses. Replacing the 45th with the 46h, only to end up with a bigger mess, was even more embarrassing. In summary, it was lose-lose for Hollywood, but also for California and America.

In other words, when Hollywood consented for Joe Biden to become the 46th President on November 4th, 2020, the destruction of the industry also became final.  At the end of 2022, it is too late now. No one is going to pick a power couple from America, least of all from California and never from Hollywood.

Instead, the annals of history will register this fall from grace as the ultimate legacy of Globalists. In short, it took Hollywood two presidential campaigns to seal its death warrant. The current Biden Administraion proved Hollywood’s demise right, with the luckluster showing in international political arenas.

Vision, Wisdom, and Judgment

Not A Hollywood Thing Anymore

Helping elect the 46th president to the Oval Office and bringing down the 45th president displayed no vision, wisdom or judgment for Hollywood community.

The 45th president of the US may not have been the diplomat or gentleman or intellect Hollywood stars wanted to associate with. Nevertheless, he was able to get the economy to grow for the first time in years by more than 3 percent.

Since I have not heard anyone in the international arena praising the 46th president as a great diplomat or gentleman or intellect, what was their point? Plus, now the economy is back to dire straits, while  the current administration continues to make fool of itself in overseas summits eversince it came to power.

Simply put, vision, wisdom, and judgement are some of the most cherished human aspirations. When they are not a Hollywood thing anymore, why would the world look up to their stars? Instead, they look and find plenty of superstars in many movie industries across the world in Asia, Africa, and Latin America.