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Maxwell Spears and Depp

Maxwell, Spears, and Depp would go history together. They will be remembered with their saga. Their personal stories will reverberate among a massive number of people. Though neither one of them has anything to do with the other, nevertheless they will have common threads. The American justice system will be the main one but it will not be the only one when their year, 2022, will be over.

Maxwell Spears and Depp

What could they have in common other than having the best ratings in media in 2022? Johnny Depp is a Hollywood legend. Britney Spears as a superstar musician. Ghislaine Maxwell is a globe trotting wealthy socialite in jail. Some sympathised with their saga. Others formed negative opinions about them. They are surely scarred. Public trials, lynching attempts to some extent, were not fair for them.

Maxwell, Spears, and Depp

Ghislaine Maxwell was kept in a 9 by 12 iron barred solitary for nearly 600 days without being charged with a crime. Never mind how notorious the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn, New York is. No human should ever face what Ghislaine faced there, no matter what her crime is. Crime and punishment has nothing to do with what the inhuman American justice system displayed there.

Johnny Depp went through a public trial. No other equally famous celebrity has faced something similar in recent history. A simple divorce case became a spectacle. Main reason for that was the degenaeration of American society. In that regard, Johnny became a victim. At the end, he was found Not-Guilty. Nevertheless, what is the value of his vindication under these cruel and unjust circumstances?

Britney Spears reflects how there is no innoncence in America anymore. Public trials totally control lives. In this case, a mother and children become victims. Extended family members are not spared either. When they fall into the doldrums of ignorant masses, they become helpless and hopeless. Not even divine intervention becomes a savior when any good old fashion American value no longer is respected.

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Miracles happen. Johnny Depp can make his own. Britney Spears needs help. Ghislaine Maxwell requires a prayer. Nevertheless, there is a very good reason for this posting. Soon we will reveal details. Whether their common thread would make any difference in their lives, no one knows. Yet, hope shall remain alive. From our perspective, we are doing our share. The rest is up to the powers to be, earthly and divine.