Making Bobby Kennedy 47th president of the United States of America is doable. If Donald Trump became odds on favorite on 15 June 2015, why wouldn’t Bobby now?

I was quickly able to amass 47 good reasons why a Republican would vote for him. Why wouldn’t a Democrat join Bobby K as well: He represents the “Silent Majority.”

Making Bobby Kennedy 47 (I)

I can vote for Bobby K. for president now. After all, a Kennedy cometh once in a lifetime.

I was not there when JFK and RFK showed up. Now that I even met Bobby Kennedy twice so far, it is enough for me. Especially the second time, he was with his wife Cheryl Hines.

My impressions are not important. The wealth of information that was out there, was sufficient. It was from the past, present, and future.They sounded good enough for me as a Republican.

Democrats next to me, during this particular campaign gathering, were equally excited. It was a rare sight to see both of us being on the same page in this divided America. That too looked like something cometh once in a lifetime!

Making Bobby Kenndy 47th

Since today more than half of Democrats are Silent Majority as much as Republicans are in their own corners, it is a foregone conclusion for Bobby K. not to win it all. As a Kennedy, Bobby will appeal to Blacks, Women, and Independents. He is already polling better than the current and former presidents.

So what is the problem then?

There is no problem. Nevertheless, this is a presidential contest. It is only 15 July 2023. So, not until the last ballot is counted, it will not be over. Meanwhile, read my article in the Daily Mail to see how I compared him against the two “senior citizens” that are also in the running.

First 10 of the 47 Very Good Reasons

Here is the list that I made while listening to Second Waltz with a Cello Cover. Before the waltz was over, I was able to muster 47 good reasons that would make the son of Robert F. Kennedy, Bobby Kennedy Jr., the Bobby K 47.

  1. Misconception on VaccinesWe have to test these 72 or so vaccines well. So what?
  2. Russia VS UkraineUkraine has been manipulated into a war on false pretenses by Globalists!
  3. Growing Homeless CrisisResolve poverty, addiction, chronic disease, and mental illness
  4. Growing Gun ViolenceA symptom of despair and alienation
  5. The Middle EastSupporting dictators overseas generates hate against America
  6. Commitment to IsraelI will be the best President for Israel
  7. Commitment to a Better EnvironmentRestore, clean up, and then transition
  8. ChinaNatural competitor need not be deliberately aggravated
  9. IranRequires stringent verification procedures and practical good will from Iranians
  10. AbortionFor body autonomy, but no second and third trimester abortions

Second 10 of the 47 Reasons

  1. TransgenderWomen’s sports should be reserved for biological women
  2. Presidential Age LimitLet voters make that decision
  3. Addiction to HeroinInterdiction is not going to stop it, however treatment works
  4. ImmigrationClose the border and find ways to protect legitimate asylum seekers
  5. Restoring Respect to the USAWe will become a world leader in peace
  6. Being a Nephew of JFKHelps tremendously
  7. Being a Son of RFKWhat could be better!
  8. Being a KennedyWho doesn’t wanna be an American royalty
  9. Being a DemocratSomebody has to be
  10. Being an Anti-GlobalistWhat a wise man would do

Making Bobby Kennedy 47th Not A Difficult Job

Here’s the Third 10 of the 47 Reasons

  1. Being a CalifornianCannot be that bad
  2. Being a LitigatorHas some upsides
  3. Being More Virile Than BidenMust be important for voters after spending four years with a “dead man walking”
  4. Better LookingLike another JFK
  5. Being a WomanizerYouthful indiscretions from the perspective of a wise man at his prime
  6. Having a PersonalityReflected with a smile and a firm handshake
  7. SociabilityIsn’t he an Irishman for God’s sake: All he needs another Guiness!
  8. Having Six or Seven Adult ChildrenSo long as none of them has any business dealings in China
  9. Being a down to earth coupleA rarity in this America when most everyone is entitled to no end
  10. A genuinely loving-coupleWith no issues of modern times, maintaining a family life, like caring for children

Fourth 10 of the 47 Reasons

  1. No driving record blemish because of AmbianGood for a change, for a Kennedy
  2. His Ex having committed suicideAnother tragedy in light of assassinations
  3. Kennedy family intriguesNo shortage of them: When we met Bobby no Kennedy was supporting his run
  4. Grace of JFK and Jackie OBobby and Cheryl would display it equally well and grande
  5. Blacks and BLMsBlacks yes, BLMs no
  6. Rust BeltA good example for Democrats to heed
  7. The SouthWin them back again through hard work
  8. Coastal LiberalsDon’t let them take over the agenda for the silent majority
  9. Republican FortressesLeave them alone focus on what is attainable
  10. God, Country, FamilyDefines a patriotic global citizen

Remaining 7 Reasons

  1. Education, Woke & Social MediaInevitable harm cannot be eliminated altogether from this point on
  2. Economic GrowthMust be sustained above 3 percent
  3. Military SpendingHas to continue but also must be closely watched and scrutinised
  4. Health CareA priority, unlike how Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama viewed it
  5. Plight of the Have-NOTsFor God’s sake a divine work must finally be undertaken
  6. TaxesAlways lower them or eliminate them
  7. Having a Private Benjamin and a Turk on board for him early onHow inclusive it is from the start!

Making Bobby Kennedy 47th (I)

Making Bobby Kennedy 47 (I) is the first episode in this “Making Bobby Kennedy 47” chapter. Next episodes will be covering the 2024 presidential campaign season.

The answers to the 47 questions belong to Erbil Writes and not open for suggestions. However, changes will be duly noted in the ensuing episodes if they are from Bobby K.