If it is

Joe Biden Administration

It is American Justice Stupid!

It is idiotic to single out the American Justice System when pointing at the shortcomings of the Joe Biden Administration in 2022. Unfortunately, “It is Economy Stupid!” already belongs to an earlier generation. Though it is used for Bill Clinton, no one expected Barack Obama to take the title away from him with pride. George Bush is well stigmatized with “It is Military Stupid!” Bill Clinton on the other hand was so successful that he had to be a candidate for two awards. Here we will settle him with “It is Morality Stupid!” So we are left with “It is American Justice Stupid” for the current Globalist occupant of the Oval Office.

If we continue electing Globalists, America will not only run out of such idiotic terminologies but also there won’t be America to kick around anymore either. What is worse, if justice is not served well when economic decay continues in a downward vortex to an unfathomable deep end, other problems will surely take over. As a result, to prevent widespread chaos and anarchy, what we must stress: “It is American Justice Stupid!” Nevertheless, there is no place for naivety in America nowadays. Globalists are here to stay and create chaos everywhere.

The Fish Stinks First at the Head

In the 1800s, Sir James Porter served fifteen years as a British Ambassador to the Ottoman Empire. He published in 1768: “Observations on the Religion, Law, Government and Manners of the Turks.” There, he made an attribution, saying: “The Turks have a homely proverb applied on certain occasions. They say ‘the fish stinks first at the head.’ They mean that if the servant is disorderly, it is because the master is so.”

Even Though, the ambassador gave the credit to Turks, Japanese, English, Russian, and Chinese also known to use this proverb. In that regard, it is about time Americans also begin using it. In specific, it is the Justice System in America that stinks like the fish would at the head. It simply means that those that sit at the top of the Federal Bureaucracy are to blame for the mockery in America.

It is American Justice Stupid!

Don’t look far!

California and New York, together, control about a quarter of the US economy. They are also the two liberal bastions of Globalism where they have trifecta control of state governments. Look at their Justice System and prisons from the Metropolitan Detention Center to Liberty Island!

Can you blame them?

Not really.

Why not?

“The fish stinks first at the head!”

The head?

Joe Biden?


One below!