Erbil Gunasti, aka Bill Gunasti, ran for Mayor in Palm Springs in 2015.

Gunasti embarked on this venture exactly when Donald J. Trump announced his candidacy for president.

With that, Gunasti became a registered Republican and dedicated Trump delegate right there and then.

As a freshly minted naturalized citizen of the United States of America, running for an office and then championing the candidacy of Trump since June 2015 were remarkable feats.

Nonetheless, Gunasti faced the brunt of the heavily Democrat-dirty California politics together with his life partner Daphne Barak.

Palm Springs, once the fortress of the Republicans, became a Crown Jewel early on with the running of Sonny Bono for Mayor, which required Trump like mindset to run for office in the face of a Democrat majority in the region.

From that perspective, it is not difficult to discern how Gunasti joined the Trump camp early on when not many then had the gut to come out in support of him for president or as a Republican for that matter.

With that rough journey in their mind and under their belt, Gunasti and Barak, five years later came up with the “Trump vs Hollywood” documentary film project, hence they continue Fighting 4 One America.