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Here is an article, published by Sarah Pines in the leading daily Die Welt: Erbil & Daphne are the interviewees. They talk about their first-ever scripted movie. It involves Amy Winehouse which is based on the original content in the Daphne Barak Library.

The article also covers the NFT series Erbil & Daphne began to drop. Finally, their last co-authored, eight books, Struggling for One America is also mentioned. Hence, they also talk about why they are involved in the toxic US domestic political scene as Trump delegates. They claim they were doing their civic duty as citizens of America.

Die Welt is a German national daily newspaper, published as a broadsheet by Axel Springer SE. Die Welt is the flagship newspaper of the Axel Springer publishing group. Its leading competitors are the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, the Süddeutsche Zeitung and the Frankfurter Rundschau. Daphne is no stranger to this media giant. She has been syndicated in all major media markets by the likes of that for two decades. She has been their “Trump card” for getting the news breaking scoops.

Now, with her partner Erbil, Dahne brings to the table a lot more than an exclusive interview or two. They are out there to get the legacy of heads of state, royals, Hollywood stars and entertainers out with new narratives. Filming documentaries and authoring books aside, they plan to employ the leverage of a major NFT platform. Reflecting on times, these iconic names and their historic decisions will reach out to new masses. In other words, their plan is to create NFT drops in series just to saturate the social media universe.

As a result, the world will hear one of a kind narratives based on facts that the Daphne Barak Library contains.

Erbil & Daphne: Original NFT Narratives

Erbil & Daphne, since July 2021, began dropping NFT series based on Daphne Barak Library of original contents. Considering this “library” can crash a US Network Television, according to one senior entertainment industry executive from Hollywood, these narratives matter.

In 2021, Erbil & Daphne are working on four documentaries at the same time. They are projected to air on the worldwide leading streamers and televisions. They are sure to be complemented with an NFT series of six drops, becoming their calling cards.

So far, they dropped a series of six NFTS they called the “Trilogy” of Amy Winehouse, Michael Jackson, and Whitney Houston. After the initial eighteen NFTs, they say there is a list of one hundred icons, awaiting their turn to shine in the virtual universe. These icons once were cover stories for major magazines and dailies in all major media markets around the world. Some made the best ratings for the television networks, starting with the US prime-time news shows.

Though the interviews in the Die Welt do not detail much about this gigantic venture, it is nonetheless brought to light. For those who can read German, here is a peak.

Die Welt: Erbil & Daphne Interviews by Sarah Pines

Die Welt: Daphne & ErbilDie Welt: Erbil & DaphneDie Welt: Erbil & DaphneDie Welt: Erbil & DaphneDie Welt: Erbil & Daphne