Decadence Starts From New York

America has been degenerating fast since 1992. Morality was the first to go with Bill Clinton. George Bush decimated the military. Barack Obama did it to the economy when the deficit doubled. Last to go was “Freedom of Press”. All the while, debauched publishers of Rotten Apple have been doing the dirty work to ensure the demise of the USA. In that stretch, they were displaying their skills to prove how “decadence starts in New York”.

When Globalists arrived in 1992, meaning when they started to come out of “closet”, NY publishers were at the top of their game. They were dominating the global headlines. Tons of books, coupled with dailies, weeklies, monthlies, and quarterlies have been controlling narrative at will. Entire Western Civilization together with those that were under their subjugation were under this massive spell. Since 1992, they have also added the online world to their sphere of influence.

Decadence starts in New York

New York, the Empire State, is also known as the Yankee. There must have been a reason why there is a negative connotation with this great city of modern times. Everyone is familiar with the saying “Yankee Go Home!”

The irony is that there was a time when America was proud to be called the “policeman of the world”. That coincided with the times when no one wanted the “Yankee” around meddling in their domestic affairs.

In truth, New York represented decadence many times over. For example, 42nd Street was once the place to be for heroin addicts and prostitution rings.

Harlem did not have a better reputation in the same period. Much like 42nd Street, it was not a safe place for no one. On top, there were revolts.

Another dreadful symbolism surely is how the Mafia controlled the city. Five notorious families basically ruled the city for a long time, reflecting the degree of decadence.

In modern times, decadence continued with innovation. Eventually, the city became synonymous with the 2008 economic meltdown. Ever since, the divide between Wall Street and Main Street widened.

Debauched Publishers of Rotten Apple

However, today, no one compares to the decadence that New York is known for. It emanates from the publishers. Today, no NY based publisher has much value in the rest of the world.

North America has always despised the NY publishers. However, nowadays, no one in Europe respects the NY publishers either, never mind the rest of the world that would have never cared for it if it was not subjugated.

New York, in other words, has been the media capital of the world in the West by its sheer power. NY publishers all throughout the twentieth century dictated the news in North America but also in Western Europe at will.

As a result, as the sole superpower of the world began degenerating in 1992. Consequently, the world started to leave the sinking ship in a hurry. Today, no one in their right mind in the third world quotes anymore a NY publisher.

Decadence Starts in New York

With Book Publishers

Newspapers, weeklies, monthlies and quarterlies of the NY publishers have been their window dressings. Their biggest damage to world history, culture, and social fabric came with the books they published.

In other words, decadence in New York began with book publishers long before their publications consolidated respective presence in the market. The books that they published muddied the minds beyond repair.

So much so, today, America is ridigly divided simply because of all those books out there that have poisoned minds and hearts. Since they are still in circulation, the damage continues unabated.

NY Book Publishers

Unfortunately for Planet Earth, the bad news is that the debauched publishers of Rotten Apple are still at work. They will continue to spew their venomous ideas, theories, narratives, and points of views, mainly from Globalist perspectives.

North America and the Western Civilization that will be in their domain will feel the worse of it. The rest of the world, on one hand, will continue to isolate themselves to keep the West to its own misery. On the other hand, they will also strive to seek new and better horizons.

US Senator of New York

As to our photo here, with the US Senator Kristen Gilibrand smiling, is chosen to reflect the double face of New Yorkers. The fact is that, even if NY is the headquarters of decadence, Yankee spirit will continue to defy everyone and continue on its way with the same vigor.

For example, we have been Yankees for a long time, having lived and worked there. Today, we continue to be part of the NY media, working with the top three television networks no less. Our books are also published and distributed by NY publishers.

Even then, I have a good reason to write this post. Yes, in modern times. decadence starts in New York, however it will also continue to be led by New York much like it has been during the Civil War to the bitter end, for example.

Incorrigible New York, the Empire State, will live forever with the Yankee spirit, even if for example, California or Texas or Florida were to leave the Union. New York will be there confronting assaults and continue to indulge into the next decadence du jour.

And that comes to you from someone who considered himslef for a long time, a proud New Yorker, for most of his life. Go figure!