Donald Trump snub: Celebrity Apprentice star’s ‘fallout with President’ over US election

DONALD TRUMP’s former friend Claudia Jordan, star of The Celebrity Apprentice, revealed her “fallout” with the President over the US election in a new documentary.

Donald Trump’s stance on Obama slammed by Claudia Jordan

US citizens head to the polls today to choose between their incumbent president and Joe Biden. While many of the polls tip the Democratic challenger as the frontrunner, the lead has been narrowed by Mr. Trump. In the run-up to the 2020 US election, President Trump’s approach to winning support from certain groups of voters has been discussed. In a new documentary Trump VS Hollywood, celebrities spoke about the impact of the President’s actions on how they are seen. Some claimed to have lost work in Hollywood due to supporting him. Former friend Claudia Jordan, who starred in two seasons of The Celebrity Apprentice, detailed her fallout with the world leader.

The TV star, who filmed shows in the US including Deal or No Deal and The Real Housewives of Atlanta revealed how her relationship with the President changed.

She starred in season two of The Celebrity Apprentice and, was asked back for the sixth season, an All-Star edition.

Ms. Jordan was then hired to co-host the 2009 Miss Universe competition, which Mr. Trump bought along with Miss USA and Miss Teen USA in 1996.

She claimed she got on well with the President before he supported the birther conspiracy in 2011 – a false claim that Barack Obama was born outside of the US.

The debunked theory disputed the fact that he was born in Hawaii and therefore could not become President.

In Daphne Barak’s documentary Trump VS Hollywood, which will be released in December, Ms. Jordan spoke out about the ordeal.

She said: “For Black America and Barack Obama, even if you do not believe in his policies, the fact that the first African-American President was elected is very special to you.


donald trump joe biden us election claudia jordan

Donald Trump: Celebrity Apprentice star Claudia Jordan spoke out about her fall out with the leader (Image: GETTY)

donald trump joe biden us election claudia jordan

Donald Trump: Claudia Jordan spoke out about her encounters with the US President (Image: DAPHNE BARAK)

“For someone to be just so hard against it, to diminish everything he’s ever done and said, we take it personally.

“That’s when our friendship fell apart because of the way he really went after Barack Obama it really hurt.”

During interviews at the time, Mr. Trump said: “He wasn’t born in this country is a real possibility… he has pulled off one of the great cons in the history of politics.”

Later Mr. Trump backtracked on his previous comments and stated that he was “born in the United States. Period”.

The claims, which were proven to be untrue, changed the friendship between Mr. Trump and Ms. Jordan who said he would pick up her phone calls while in meetings – something she considered inappropriate.

She recalled: “I’m like, ‘Don’t pick up the phone in a meeting, people are going to think this is more than it is’.

donald trump joe biden us election claudia jordan

Donald Trump: Claudia Jordan was hired to co-host Miss Universe after the Celebrity Apprentice (Image: GETTY / DAPHNE BARAK)

donald trump joe biden us election claudia jordan

Donald Trump: Other celebrities including Dean Cain spoke out in the new documentary Trump VS Hollywood (Image: DAPHNE BARAK)

“Then once he thought, you know, once he got it in his mind that he wanted to put me on the show (Celebrity Apprentice) no one could tell him otherwise.”

Ms. Barak, who filmed the documentary with more than 25 stars including Andrea Bocelli, felt the divisions in the US were concerning.

She hoped that through greater engagement and conversation the radical split between Republicans and Democrats – which has led to aggressive displays – could be healed.

When asked about the untrue ‘birther’ conspiracy theory, Ms. Barak told “Trump didn’t understand he was hurting so many people, but if you don’t talk about these things you won’t know.”

She commented on Ms. Jordan’s remarks: “She used to be a friend of Donald Trump and fell out, it was very personal, over the birther theory.

Donald Trump: Claudia Jordan on a relationship with US President

“That was such a celebration and a victory for African-Americans across the US – then someone she considered a friend went and tried to break that dream for her.

“That’s where they fell out and it was the worst thing that could have happened to really good friends, they never talked after.

“He could have not thought about her [when he supported the theory] and it didn’t occur to him that it could be taken that way.”

Ms. Barak spoke to other celebrity supporters of President Trump, including Dean Cain who played Superman in a Nineties TV series.

He along with other stars claimed to have been treated differently by friends, the public and Hollywood since coming out in support of the incumbent leader.

Mr. Cain said: “If you can’t be friends with somebody because their political opinion is different than yours then you’re a bigot.”

Other stars interviewed in the film included opera star Andrea Bocelli, Hercules actor Kevin Sorbo, Buffy star Kristy Swanson and many others.

Daphne Barak’s documentary Trump VS Hollywood will be released on December 14.