Scott Baio And Dean Cain Blast Liberal Hollywood For Being Anti-Trump

Scot Baio and Dean Cain blasted liberal Hollywood for being anti-Trump, saying that “they just don’t like him” in the new documentary.
As you know, President Donald Trump has very few supporters in the radically liberal world of Hollywood, where expressing even a mildly conservative view is considered to be risky to one’s career.

The documentary explores this hatred that the entertainment world has for Trump by sitting down with some of the actors who are brave enough to be open about their conservative political views.

Documentary Explores Hollywood’s Hatred For Trump

Added by [Each one of the 24 stars and entertainers had at least half an hour sit-down with Daphne Barak. None of them talked about personal hatred. Rather all of them approached divided America, racism, and Trump’s persona questions with common sense.]

 The movie was made by Daphne Barak. She was a delegate for Trump at both the 2016 and 2020 Republican National Conventions.

“I have known him since my early twenties, when I came from Israel and became an interviewer in New York, working for Fox, New York Daily News and then the New York Post,” Barak told Yahoo News. “We have trust and respect for each other.”

“Trump’s inauguration did not have the Hollywood A-listers who decorated Obama’s or [Clinton’s],” Barak said. “For me, moving in between these two worlds, it was clear that Washington, D.C. and Hollywood we’re no longer mixing… they were at war.”

Actors Speak Out About Trump Support

The documentary’s first trailer was released this week, showing the stars being interviewed about Trump as well as about what it is like to be a conservative in Hollywood.

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Added by [Documentary will be widely available across the mainstreamers starting on December 14, 2020. Altogether 24 stars and entertainers participated in the project. Half are pro-Trump, the other half are against. Most talk about their pain and anxieties. The majority have an anecdote about Trump, reflecting how they knew him well.  Some reflect the private side of Trump, having met him in person either before he became president or after. Other than one, all participants had a complimentary comment after they met him in person.]