IN ALL ASPECTS OF LIFEUS-Degenerating In Full Speed

Life has been degenerating fast in the West for a long time. Now, the tyranny of the minority is basically ruling the silent majority. The fight is not against the BLM or Conservatives versus Globalists in the US or the West. It is about the US Degenerating at Full Speed on all accounts.

US-Degenerating in Full Speed

One of the easiest and best examples can be seen in the employment or engagement of a minority in a post. Today there is a bias against everybody for the benefit of a handful of minorities that exploit their status.

Whether this may be a manager of a superstar or a political candidate, it does not matter. The benefit of the doubt is given to a minority manager or a candidate until abuse takes place. Unfortunately, abuse is taking place more and more.

I personally deal with “managers of superstars” that are abusing their status. I also deal with political candidates that are abusing their minority status. One is coming from the left side, the other from the right side.

In other words, in the US, the tyranny of minorities is abusing the system from both sides of the aisle. Having said that, one of these two examples is not a friend of mine, the other used to be a kind of friend of mind.

Having witnessed the abuse, I don’t care to have an association with whether one is a Democrat or Republican. I believe the US-degenerating at full speed must and will come to an abrupt end. When it does we will all feel the brunt.

Political Candidates

At this stage in the US, there is a tendency to appoint minorities for political office at the expense of Whites. In California for example, in the Republican party, there are more Hispanic, women, or black candidates compared to the past.

The question is not if it is good or not to have these minority candidates, rather it is how abusive some candidates may have become. In other words, a candidate that may have received the support of us in the recent past would not receive the same support at this time.

I, for one, openly say at this time that I will not support a minority candidate anymore without due diligence at the highest level. There is no more free pass for a minority candidate simply because the candidate is a minority.

Let’s see how the rest of the voters in the US will react to the “degenerating” candidates! There are those that are currently running around and seeking funds, exploiting their minority status which is not right.