GameChanger Trump Card Turkey & Erdogan, book by Erbil Gunasti, portrays Donald Trump, the 45th president of the US as a “GameChanger.” The book also bestows similar accolades to Turkey & Erdogan. Japanese leadership also believes in the message along the same lines.

Erbil Gunasti having brought leadership from three unlikely but powerful countries in their own right deserve merit. The fact that all three focuses on “independence” is revealing. Independence of the existing nation-states from one another, that is! Countries would like to enjoy their sovereignty without foreign interference.

Considering the world is divided between the Globalists and the Nationalists, what Gamechanger argues should not be a big surprise. The world at large is fed up with overnight nation-building attempts of the West. Before that chaos takes place. To do so, the nation has to be divided into two or many more pieces. Anarchy must rule. As a result, there goes the independence of the country since it will be vulnerable to domestic and international interferences.

In that sense, Gamechanger Trump Card: Turkey & Erdogan means Fighting 4 One America when it comes to the 45th president of the USA. Gamechanger, in that regard, also means, Fighting 4 One America, in that regard, is to right what is wrong with divided America.