Forget about us, we are “incorrigibles! But aiding and abetting a crime against the Globalist values in America in this day and age is nothing forgivable, punishable by “Ashaming” or worse.


Here are the facts:

Guilty as charged: Daphne Barak and Erbil Gunasti filming a documentary called: “Trump vs Hollywood”
The charge: Making a documentary film during Covid-19 quarantine that has something to do with the name “Trump”
Additional charges: Aiding and abetting for 24 high-status celebrities to commit the same


Since the 2016 presidential elections, in America, according to some, “blacklisting” outright or quietly anyone siding with Donald J. Trump, the 45th President of the United States of America, became a norm. Despite being well aware of this fact, Daphne and I decided to commit this “crime du jour” of our times, and belligerently. We went further and incriminated 24 others while selecting half of them from the other side of the isle.


Now comes the punishment

Are we going to be “blacklisted?” Surely, we will be, in the minds of some, at the least.
Are we going to endure additional penalties for our belligerence? Surely, we will but we will not know what would be imposed on us because that is how it works nowadays.
Are we going to get justice at the end of the day? Surely, we will, because there are more people in America with “common sense” than those who would want to “blacklist” all of us.

How do we know that?
We found it out when we filmed with all 24 celebrities in this film. We found out that “common sense” was still alive in America, no matter what side of the isle someone came from.

To conclude: Surely, they can “blacklist” us and others and no one can stop anyone from doing that. After we all live in America, the land of the free and the brave where everything is based on the concept of the “survival of the fittest,” kissing cousin of the “common sense,” two of the handful bedrocks that made what America is today, the only enduring superpower.

At least with this filming, like us, most of America will also feel assured that at least two of the long-forgotten values that made America Great are alive and well.

Nothing to worry about.

The least of all from being “blacklisted.”

Now, go and have a pick at the crime in progress: Click here to judge it yourself!