On the morning of first Monday, 9 November 2020, after election results came in, Daphne Barak and Maria Bartiromo of Fox News joined in the news program.

They talked  about Trump vs Hollywood documentary and if conservative actors were shunned by Hollywood for supporting Trump presidency.


But Maria’s program, until Daphne appeared, was busy with the discrepancies in the mail in voting system that dominated 2020 elections.

Dean  Cain and Isiah Washington are part of the cast  of 24 Hollywood stars and entertainers.

Eric B is one of 7 blacks among them. 6 of them are adamant Democrats. 1 is known to be a “wild card.”

Also, talking about their pain and anxieties, and turning Divided America into One America.

Kevin Sorbo, in the documentary, talks about problems making movies in Hollywood as a Trump supporter.