Daphne Barak has been a stable of the US network televisions for two decades since 1990s. She has made a name for herself, “scooping the biggest scoops” in the world. Her peers would tell you! At one time, Daphne used to deliver two such interviews per month and for a long time.

Considering neither one of the three US networks was ever able to get no more than a handful of similar type scoops a year even though they had incredibly talented and hardworking superstar anchors in their stable, what Daphne brought for them to feast on was always something special: It always made the top ratings.


Now that we live in the 2020s, a lot has changed but yet nothing much as far as getting the scoops from the same caliber celebs-du-jour. They are still a tough nut to crack and even worse now that these celebs have more resources and platforms available to them to get their own word out, they are even less reluctant to indulge.

Donald J. Trump is the ultimate example among these celebs, having become the 45th president of the US, without any help from any media, least of all US network news programs where Daphne trotted at will for two decades.

Keeping in mind such a transition has taken place for the US media and the celebs that used to be its bread and butter, we embarked on an endeavor we originally called “Project 2045,” released in October 2020 as the “Trump vs Hollywood” documentary film. Daphne conducted sit-down interviews with 24 Hollywood stars and other celebs of similar stature, including musicians and rappers. It took place from March to August 2020.

Moving with times, going from two interviews per month to 24 interviews in two months has been quite a turn-around! Also having done so all throughout the Corona epidemic quarantine era in five different states across the continent prompted one top US television executive: “Always amazing what Daphne does…”

It is good to refresh minds with one, yet possibly the biggest achievements of Daphne, to reflect who she really has been in her professional life and to put it in a context of how difficult getting these 24 interviews would be for anyone, anytime, let alone in this toxic environment, with an example from the past.


Daphne was the interviewer as always, commonly known among the US television executives as the Daphne Barak – Elisabeth Murdoch television show: “Our Son: Michael Jackson” that aired on ABC 20/20 in 2004. The prime time news program then was one of the three biggest platforms among the three US network televisions with 20 million viewers per night. In the ensuing 48 hours, 1 billion people among 5 living on planet Earth had watched the same, in more than 50 countries how Michael Jackson was handcuffed with child molestation charges and her parents Joe and Katherine pleasing for the innocence of their famous son.

That is only one of the many such calibers scoops Daphne did then. Yet, at this time we have to put this little story from the past into perspective. Nowadays, we have to assume the fact that a good portion of the 7.6 billion living on the planet would simply not know who exactly Michael Jackson was. The recent movie “Yesterday,” involving the Beatles, which grossed hundreds of millions of dollars, is a great example, in depicting the times we now live in when Millennials live in a different world with not much clue from the recent past.

The same applies to three other equally big and important Daphne Barak scoops that involved “murder.”  What was brushed under the rug, so to speak or who was “eyewitness” are soon to be revealed in my second book. They involve the passing of Princess Diana, Benazir Bhutto, and Amy Winehouse. For the moment, here are the three links, as a heads-up. One talks about the “Lord Stevens Report.” The other two are two articles, one published in New York Times, talking about “Barbara Walters to Leave ABC 20/20 and the other in the Daily Mail, headlined: “How Benazir Let Her Hair Down”, two of the leading dailies in the world then.


To cut a long analysis short, Daphne interviewed these “dirty” two dozen during the Corona pandemic, only fitting to her reputation. “Dirty” here attributes how difficult it was to approach each one of the interviewees because of the toxic environment America since the 2016 presidential elections where people from neither side of the isle wanted to come out to dirty themselves and be “ashamed” for being outspoken. The same network executive promptly put it: “Secret Society Revealed.”

As to who are these 24 and how “dirty” it was when we started to film and only then they did not turn out to be at the end, the details will be posted here one after the other from a personal perspective.